Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ok, I really want(velveeta) the Le Creuset dish(velveeta) Carrie(velveeta) is giving away.

She requires us to post a velveeta laced post. Well actually she said just to mention Velveeta, but I really would like that dish (velveeta) So I am lacing this quick post with velveeta all the way through(velveeta)!

The boys love velveeta mac and cheese. I now (velveeta) HAVE to try Carrie's recipe -yum!! and it has veggies to make up for the processed partI love the mexican dip(velveeta) that is coming up at Thanskgiving as we sit around gorging(velveeta) ourselves with the all the food we deny(velveeta) ourselves of the rest of the year(velveeta)!

Also, while on giveaways (velveeta) Here is a velveetalicious bracelet giveaway. Aleta is fun to read and she is an artist too!! Did you check it out? Isn't it great?

Ok, so now I have shared in the wealth of giveaways, which means my chances of winning have just lessened, drats (velveeta!!).


Candid Carrie said...

Excellant subliminal messages, I barely even noticed!

Now I am off to Aleta, hmm is it my imagination or does that rhyme with Velveeta!

Anonymous said...

oh wow you really want that dish!! :)
I was about to put velveta in a post to try it out... But you really deserve it more than me... I don't even like processed cheese!!!
But I do love le creuset :)
good luck!

Aleta said...

Lol. Thanks for the post! Glad you like the bracelet and hey, Candid Carrie ~ that does rhyme! Cute!

Jan said...

I haven't had velveeta in years. Sounds creamy good though.

Gayle said...

That is funny! Good luck on winning the Le Creuset!

Grammy said...

I used velveeta for years. Now the kids are grown I don't buy as much.

Emily said...

Are you secretly Kevin Nealon AKA MR. Subliminal? Nicely done!
VELVEETA (sorry, I dont know what happened there!)