Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Technology Challenged

I thought I was stepping up in the world of technology when hubs gifted me with a tablet for Christmas. Notice it is is the eve of February and this is the first post.

Still under the Christmas banner.

Well... my computer is in the shop. My work computer does not have a current enough browser. Annnd this tablet would not let me upload a photo for anything. Even though it automatically downloaded every single picture I have ever posted on the blog. Every single one! I have looked twice for a blogger app in the app market.

So I decided to do a different post. This one. Without a picture. Just randomness. Then while grumbling to myself, I decided I could NOT be the only person trying to blog with a tablet, I rearranged my search words a bit and found a post, in which a blogger app was mentioned. I checked out the app market again. Nope.

I Google blogger app.


And here I visit you, by way of a blogger app on a tablet. So this will be short, but it looks like a picture attached, not placed where I would like, but there. Down below. Two feat of snow.

Now, if I can get my computer back so I can change the header....and not do this chicken peck typing...but until then SMILES!!!