Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Neighbors Are Moving In

A couple years ago The Man built a bird house for his Woodworking project with Scouts.

It was casually placed outside on a pre-existing bird house pole, with the intentions of being painted the next weekend.

Turns out this house is quite desirable. Before the painting could take place, bluebirds took up residence and gave us a few months of entertainment as we watched them come and go and then the offspring leave the nest.

Then it was quiet.

A few months later, more bluebirds arrived and moved right on in to the existing nest. I felt bad because I thought I was suppose to clean it out. But apparently, that was not a problem.

Again we were entertained and this time literally watched the baby bird leave the nest. As it hopped through the yard, momma/daddy bird watched from nearby trees, swooping in anytime another bird came too close.

I cleaned out the bird house a few weeks ago. I looked out the kitchen window the other day and was delighted to see new home buyers checking it out.

I grabbed the camera, but was unable to get the full shot.

See, to the right of the bird house is a small garden area with a shephard's hook. Sitting atop it was a second bird. I got so tickled, when I saw the two of them, as if a husband saying, "go on, check it out, tell me what you think."

When I got back to the window with the camera, the second bird had flown away.

I hope they do move in. If they don't, I will wonder if having cleaned out the house had been a mistake. We will see.

We also have many new squirrels in the yard. We have squirrels, and every year they gobble up all the pecans before we can get even one good one. But this year we see them scampering all over the place.

Three weeks ago our dog, Francie, tore her ACL, thus making her an inside dog for a couple months during the healing proccess. I do think the squirrels are celebrating the freedom to venture where they please without without being chased away.

When the dog is away...the squirrels will play.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Memories Blocked

I like playing along with Gayle's Monday Memories, but there just have not been any ahh-ha memories for the past couple days.

I think my mind has a block built of the here and now. In the present, with all its small, nagging, trivial annoyances. With personal introspection.

Life will not pull the skateboard from beneath me and I will not fall on the rail. But I do think it is saying, every so quietly, shhhhhhhh...

To find a little quiet. To quiet the mind from running in its circles. To take a moment here and there and get lost in the simple pleasures of the world around me. To close out those things that I cannot change. And then, in a new moment, or maybe a new day ...

I will speed forward with a renewed strength. Light and energetic... but today, I am going to be quiet, find peaceful moments and smile.

Update: As I published this post and headed over to an online devotion,
this is the verse for today:
And I say, ‘Oh that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest; yes, I would wander far away; I would lodge in the wilderness; I would hurry to find a shelter from the raging wind and tempest." Psalm 55:6-8 (ESV)
I am a dove today :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I failed. . .

I have failed.

I have failed the reputation of woman!

Well, that part of remembering all dates and not missing an event, at least. If you asked me the date of mine and hubby’s first date, I could spout it off in an instant. September 15, 2001.

Did I remember yesterday, September 15, 2009, that it actually WAS September 15th and the 8th anniversary of our first date? Nope. Missed it.

That is until hubby came walking in, from working a long day and then donating blood, carrying a bottle of wine and a card. Yup, he remembered.

Now before you think we are really crazy for celebrating our first date anniversary, I feel I should explain. No, we are not THAT romantic, or mushy that we celebrate every single milestone. Our wedding anniversary is November 22, always the week of Thanksgiving.
And for the first few years of marriage, had been consistently impossible to celebrate due to holiday happenings and events with children.

So a couple years back, three to be precise, we decided to celebrate our anniversary at a different time. That celebrating "us" anytime was more important than celebrating us on THE anniversary of our wedding. We decided that we would do it in September when we first started dating - so we knew to not let time slip past us.

And what did I go and do? FORGET!!

I have a wonderful husband and he deserves kudos for being on top of things (that and I am sure his outlook calendar ;) ).

...It is a wonderful life!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Memory Monday: Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

I did not have a stand out memory until a few minutes ago when I saw the headline that Patrick Swayze had passed away.

While there are many more movies that he is known for, I remember going to see Dirty Dancing in high school and leaving wanting to do nothing more than to learn to dance.

I wanted to don a pair of pedal pushers and my K-Mart knock off Keds and dance on a log crossing a creek, having more rhythm than the nail on my pinky possesses .

I wanted strong hands to hold me gracefully (haha!) in the air like I was flying. He added to that bad boy image, didn't he?

I did not do any of those, but everytime I hear a song from that movie, that urge to throw on a dancing dress with billowy netting and heels creeps in and then I feel rising up a longing to twist and turn and fly . . . and laugh.

I hope his family has peace and comfort in this time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mouth of Babes . . .

"I'm Larry Boy the superhero, but I can't fly . . . batteries are dead"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blue Bell Peach Cobbler Ice Cream!!

I'm a happy girl!

I found it today at Publix: Blue Bell Peach Cobbler Ice Cream!

It is only available for about a month each year, which is why I think I like it so much.

The only thing that would make it better? A coupon. A coupon for Blue Bell ice cream, which I have never seen. BUT, if in your neck of the woods you get blue bell coupons, and you don't eat Blue Bell ice cream, and you would be so inclined, I would gladly accept a coupon donation.

My trip to Publix was not finished though...

As I wandered through the fresh produce section, I spotted a new fruit for the store. A fruit I had never seen before

Free Picture of Market Display of Dragon Fruit. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart

This is not a picture from Publix . . .

As you see, it is very pretty. I asked the gentleman that works in that department what it tasted like.

He said, with a squintched up nose "nothing, nothing at all you probably won't like it"

Then he grabbed one and said "since you asked about it, though, let me cut one up"

He proceeded to the back, peeled it and sliced it and brought it back out. A couple of us took a piece. Then he forced the tray on me, telling me to take it.

So now I have a tray with some Dragon Fruit slices on it. And you know what? They don't have much of a taste. A slight hint of sweet, a slight hint of tang. The black spects remind me of poppy seeds in looks. I would think this would be fun to add to a fruit salad to add more interest. A great conversation starter too!

Unless you just want to, I would skip the $3.99 piece of fruit and go for the peach cobbler ice cream.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Memories

Actually, my memories on Mondays are usually memories I had on Sunday. I am not sure why Sundays seem to be more nostalgic than other days, but for me they are. Maybe it is the usually slower pace of the day. Fewer interuptions.

So on to the memories...

Yesterday stirred up a major hankering for comfort food. Oh I was craving creamy or cheesy or, well just not good for your arteries kind of food, but I did not care! I had to feed that craving!

So after a dinner of really cheesy burgers and tots, I was craving a Peanut Buster Parfait. I did not really want to go out, so I mentally inventoried what I knew we had: vanilla ice cream, check; spanish peanuts, no; cocktail peanuts, check; chocolate syrup, check.

As I gathered the goodies to concoct my own version of Dairy Queens sundae to feed my craving, I noticed a jar of caramel topping. And that is where the memories took off.

As a child, we lived just a few blocks from my grandparents, so visits were frequent. Spend the night trips, not too frequent. But whether the visits were just an early evening or the infrequent over night trip, there was ice cream.

And always the same: vanilla with caramel syrup.

No exceptions. They never changed it up. Never any chocolate or peach or chocolate chip mint cookie dough with brownie chunks (ok, so that flavor is kind of made up;)). I think this was more to my grandfathers liking.

It is funny how one item can bring back a slew of memories. Not deep long events, but the little things that comfort: the way he made that silly noise when we (the kids) came by. A noise that just cannot be described with words. That scent of the wrigly spearmint gum he always chewed. The way he teased the cat. Sitting in his lap, playing with the hair on his arms that he called his feathers.

He passed away Thanksgiving Day 1995. I had not seen him in a couple years - their living in Colorado, us in Georgia. Phone conversations had become next to impossible - he could not hear well and the calls just seemed to frustrate all involved. But aren't the good memories great?

Now, as for me and ice cream: I like to change it up. I very seldom have just vanilla. I love ice cream- year round, and I love all kinds of flavors.

But one thing I always have - even if I do not use it, is a jar in the cupboard or fridge of caramel syrup.

Memory Mondays hosted by Gayle at PlanetMFiles . . .


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Facebook Faux Pas

We suffered through the MySpace social networking. Watched technology spin ahead at an amazing pace. Learned by fire that our children were not necessarily as aware of privacy as we might would like.

Talk shows, Nightly News reports, horror stories from other adults all have circulated about being careful and cautious of what is posted for all to see.

Seems the choir hasn't been listening.

Having entered the world of Facebook this year, I am repeatedly amazed at what people post! At 40 do you need to advertise, that while your child is watching Sesame Street, you are doctoring a major hangover - oh but what fun you had the night before?

Or do we need to know your hygiene schedule for the next hour or so.

Remember the report about H.R. Departments researching MySpace and Facebook before hiring a candidate? A local weather man must not have. He went on a long rant on another local weatherman's wall about negotiations he was making with the current station and manager. Seems like typing something that essentially says I'll show you, on a public site, is, welll maybe, somewhat - NOT SMART!?!

So I have hidden the bubble bath facebooker, figured weatherman can weather his own storms, drunken moms - may life settle for you...

Then this morning I notice a status update. It said "I just want to say I love my husband." Nice and sweet. She has mentioned kind thoughts and wishes for husband before (he works 3 hours away, so it sounds as if he is not home much during the week).

While I have considered hiding the above mentioned person - she is a quiz junky - I had not yet. BUT, I will be hiding the first person who commented on her status update.

The first comment came from someone we went to highschool with that has remained in this area too. She has gone through a divorce in the past year and we have been privileged to read a few rants on her less than flattering feelings towards the ex husband. Not questioning the feelings or thoughts, but the choice of outlet?

Her comment was "Aww... that's so sweet... I know it wasn't too long ago that you were thinking of divorce... glad you worked it all out."

Ummmmm, what if husband did not know wife was thinking divorce?? What if family members who are on Facebook did not know this either? What if first person did not want the 100 or so "friends" to know something so personal?

So as I type this, ooops another update: hmmmm, female issues - I will spare you the details... and I will click on the hide option of this particular fb'er.

...and I might find some great link to post about the do's and don'ts of social networking online.

Then again, maybe I will post some ridiculously hideous out-there status update and see what kind of response I recieve.


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