Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Facebook Faux Pas

We suffered through the MySpace social networking. Watched technology spin ahead at an amazing pace. Learned by fire that our children were not necessarily as aware of privacy as we might would like.

Talk shows, Nightly News reports, horror stories from other adults all have circulated about being careful and cautious of what is posted for all to see.

Seems the choir hasn't been listening.

Having entered the world of Facebook this year, I am repeatedly amazed at what people post! At 40 do you need to advertise, that while your child is watching Sesame Street, you are doctoring a major hangover - oh but what fun you had the night before?

Or do we need to know your hygiene schedule for the next hour or so.

Remember the report about H.R. Departments researching MySpace and Facebook before hiring a candidate? A local weather man must not have. He went on a long rant on another local weatherman's wall about negotiations he was making with the current station and manager. Seems like typing something that essentially says I'll show you, on a public site, is, welll maybe, somewhat - NOT SMART!?!

So I have hidden the bubble bath facebooker, figured weatherman can weather his own storms, drunken moms - may life settle for you...

Then this morning I notice a status update. It said "I just want to say I love my husband." Nice and sweet. She has mentioned kind thoughts and wishes for husband before (he works 3 hours away, so it sounds as if he is not home much during the week).

While I have considered hiding the above mentioned person - she is a quiz junky - I had not yet. BUT, I will be hiding the first person who commented on her status update.

The first comment came from someone we went to highschool with that has remained in this area too. She has gone through a divorce in the past year and we have been privileged to read a few rants on her less than flattering feelings towards the ex husband. Not questioning the feelings or thoughts, but the choice of outlet?

Her comment was "Aww... that's so sweet... I know it wasn't too long ago that you were thinking of divorce... glad you worked it all out."

Ummmmm, what if husband did not know wife was thinking divorce?? What if family members who are on Facebook did not know this either? What if first person did not want the 100 or so "friends" to know something so personal?

So as I type this, ooops another update: hmmmm, female issues - I will spare you the details... and I will click on the hide option of this particular fb'er.

...and I might find some great link to post about the do's and don'ts of social networking online.

Then again, maybe I will post some ridiculously hideous out-there status update and see what kind of response I recieve.



Jane In The Jungle said...

Once again, another reason I refuse to Facebook!! An of course I don't want my past catching up to me also, LOL!!

Friar Tuck said...

I once wished a denominational placement happy birthday via facebook, and he returned a message to be detailing my search for a new job and how I would fit his situation.

There needs to be some training on social networking ettiquette.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love Facebook, but I use it purely for networking - having made lots of friends/contacts within my field of writing I have found it a really useful site to be a part of.

However, there is the dark side. There are definitely some weirdo's on there, one of whom I deleted recently after being told my many of my friends, that he looks at porn sites of children. Hmmm.

Unfortunately, we open ourselves up to the world on these sites and have to take responsibility for our actions. I never reply to ridiculous postings such as hungover parents boasting about their drinking, and how much sex someone had in one night. Just switch off.

Great post and excellent talking point.

CJ xx

Aleta said...

I'm laughing and thinking... "OMG... did I type something like that on FB?" I don't think I have. I'll have to go back and look. Most of the stuff I post on other people's walls is just a "Hi" or something supportive, but I see what you mean. Excellent points. When you do a "dos and don'ts for FB" you should put a link to your blog for your FB friends to read it!

Cheffie-Mom said...

As you know, I'm new to this Facebook thing! It is overwhelming at first! LOL!

Anonymous said...

lol.. wow! that WAS some comment to put out there for ALL to see!! i am amazed at what some put out there...

have a great weekend!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I hid somebody recently who kept advising "friends" about her bodily functions. ICK

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Wow-that is unbelievable that someone would be so nasty on FB because everyone will see how nasty she is instead of seeing the picture she was attempting to paint of the other person.

Sometimes on my blog I do write about strangely personal things, but people have come to expect that of me, and they have the choice of returning or not, but on FB, they do have to hide me, I guess.

I guess I could take strange updates way better than just mean ones.

Interesting post.

Gayle said...

I am so glad my kids are not interested in Facebook. I have my blog on it, but I never write anything, or even visit it!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Been on FB for a few years and so far I have not had any really bad experiences. I did however have to delete a friend due to some very inappropriate content that kept showing up on my side bar.

I sent him a very polite email letting him know why was removing him from my list and said that if he wanted to clean up his profile i would be more than happy to add him back to my list!

FB is fun but you do have to be careful.