Thursday, November 27, 2008

And Our Strangers From Afar . . .


And ladies and gentlemen . . .

We have . . . .

the flying dutchmen!

The beginning of the story here.

International talks started early on.

Negotiations ended in the following:

1. Imbibing on beer permissible but not at Thanksgiving lunch or to the point of intoxication or in the lodge.
2. Drink alcohol - no handling of firearms
3. Wine would be fine for supper Thursday night.

They have already been great guest - the wine is a hostess gift and Dutchy even made a dish for Thanksgiving- sourkraut(sp) mashed potato dish with cheese and bacon and sausage.

The first night they enjoyed the chili we made, one especially, he amazed me how much he ate - and he is not a teenager! We had Georgy Porgy Pie for dessert. Wow, it was so rich.

They were so excited to have beds to sleep on - they have been sleeping on couches since arriving in the States last week."

A year ago when Traveler was talking about Dutchy (before we had actually met) she corrected us about saying he was from Holland. It was the Netherlands. Saying Holland was a no-no.

So for a year we have said Netherlands.

After meeting the group we started chatting. They told A (SIL) that they were from Holland, then when MIL joined us, she asked them if they all were from the Netherlands. They said yes. A said, "so, do you we say Netherlands or is it Holland" Three of them said at the same time "same thing."

Yay, the general vicinity is OK. Holland is much shorter to say and type then Netherlands! And since everything is so close . . . hehe

I loved that the Guy Cousin and the four could talk soccer. Guy Cousin plays and coaches soccer in North Georgia. They discussed the various "leaques" (I guess that was it). Guy Cousin talked about the style of many of his players - some from south america, some from mexico, etc. One background is more physical and aggressive. Another background was "physical but very fluid." More was said, but I was lost in the exchange about a very physical sport and the word fluid being used. It was like listening to someone critique a dance routine. I enjoyed the exchange and how soccer could bring together strangers so quickly.

hmmm, so does blogging!!



Jan said...

I say Holland too. What fun.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves...and yep! I think we all get confused over Holland and Netherlands. Hx