Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Estrogen vs.Testosterone

The other day I was flipping channels and came across reruns of Roseanne. When the series first began, years ago, I really hated her nasal, screechy voice and sarcasm. But I would catch snippets and it really grew on me. I eventually came around and watched it often.

Well, I decided to see if it was a good episode. It was a priceless one. In this episode, Roseanne was planning a surprise birthday party for Dan – while she was experiencing the most ridiculously dramatic swinging PMS ever documented. It was so extreme and silly. So out there, no way it was for real.

Or could it be?

After this evening, maybe it was not so extreme after all. And maybe it is not limited to women in their mid 30’s.

Maybe it can happen to a 12 year old.

How about a 12 year old boy!

Can you slip them Midol?

We have gone from happy to fussy to mad to smiling to stomping to all the while adding as much drama as is humanly possible!

Now he is happy again, and dancing his way to bed.

Whew! Can I go to bed now?

Unbelievable !!


Aleta said...

Picture of that cat to go along with the post is priceless. Hehe.

You know though... I DO wonder about male PMS. My friends and I have often said that we think men go through PMS. I wonder if Midol would work? hmmmmm....

Sandi McBride said...

Yes, and it can happen to nine year old girls who have a foot stomping fetish...I have pleaded with my children (son and DIL) to let me have her for just one week. ONE LOUSY WEEK and I'd break her of that habit the way I broke her father of it...but noooooo...and it bothers me because I don't want anyone perceiving my precious angel as a brat! Especially while she's being one. And looking amazingly like that cat!