Sunday, November 16, 2008

Odd Shot for Monday

As I was taking a few minutes today to read through those blogs I follow, I came across a link on Authorblog for Katneys Odd Pictures and thought it would be fun to play!

The summer after Will and I married, we decided to take the kids on road trip. We set out for a week long trip to Washington DC and places in between. While that is a great story in itself, this is a shot from the trip, that was odd, at least to Ocho. Ocho asked the camera and then proceded to take this shot:

We watched him take the picture and we asked, "why did you take a picture of a fire hydrant? We have those at home?"

Ocho: "but ours don't have leaks."

Point made!


JANE said...

Don't ya just love the way boys think!! Great shot!

Gayle said...

Isn't if funny the things kids notice? Very cute!

richies said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and for your nice comment. My family is always wondering about my photo subjects. I tell them that if you take enough photos, you will get some good ones.

An Arkie's Musings

Jules~ said...

That is cute and point well taken. The leaky hydrant becomes a novelty while the dry hydrants at home become even more of a blessing yes?

Temple said...

It's really a great picture! Nice composition and use of color...and leaks :)

cat said...

That kid has a lovely creative mind mom!