Monday, November 3, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Werewolves, Oh my!

When I was very young I had all these strange ideas.

For example, I remember thinking that when I was an adult, I would change my name, my first name. That my name was kid's name, not an adult's name. I had planned on changing to my middle name or a derivative of it.

I remember thinking that when you turned on the radio, that is when the music started. If it was not on they apparently just waited. Isn't that a strange idea? But I was young!

I remember thinking that the garbage men were the coolest, the neighborhood kids all thought that. Now, as a parent, I am grateful for the job they do, but I really have never wanted my kids to run out to see or speak to the garbage men! (I know that is probably not nice, but . . . it is what it is).

I remember thinking there was a possiblity that people really could turn into werewolves and watching anything with werewolves would result in nightmares. I still as an adult leave the movies alone, even though I KNOW people cannot turn into such creatures (or that such creatures exist).

I remember thinking that in the animal kingdom, animals dated and married. I thought that cats were female and dogs were male and they married each other.

I thought the same thing of tigers and lions. Tigers were female and lions were male and they married. Male pups would grow up to be lions and female to be tigers.

Of course as I grew older these thoughts became those I thought as a child. Now I am not a child and know those things not to be so.

Except. . . .

Turns out one of my ideas was not too far off after all. And I had no idea until last week.


Male Lions and Tigress make not more lions and tigers but LIGERS!

Liger - For more amazing video clips, click here

They have been around since the 1800's. Did you know there were such creatures? I wonder what other interesting combinations there are out there? What ideas did you have as child that seems quite silly now?


Jan said...

The movie Napoleon Dynamite taught us all about the Ligers. He liked them. I didn't know about them before that though.

Aleta said...

I've heard of Ligers before and remember those pictures. Pretty wild, isn't it?

Loved the imagination that you had as a child. Sounds like some of those things could be children's books! Ever thought of writing it out?

Kat said...

There are also tigons. I can't recall how they determine which is which...I guess it depends on which is the mother and which the father.

My kids come up with the craziest things. They used to be convinced that you could go inside the tv. Or that you could be sucked down the drain in the tub.