Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Added Spice This Year

So tomorrow marks the beginning of the gathering for Thanksgiving.

Every year there are a couple new faces or at least faces we have not seen in a long time. It is a very nomadic group. For example, my parents will not be there this year, they are joining my brother and his wife and her family. Next year they will be back.

This year there are two cousins that will be joining us Wednesday-Friday. One of those life interrupts and people lose touch situations, now contact has been re-established and they were invited by my husbands other sister – Cindy.

And then we have Traveler. . . {{this makes me chuckle}}

Traveler met a Dutch man (he’s 28), a year and a half ago, interning here in the States. A couple months into dating, Traveler decided that the degree an career she was pursuing will most likely not be lucrative enough for her spending habits. So the answer is to finish the chosen degree and then shoot for gaining a law degree. International. From Amsterdam. Which was great, this wisdom had been handed to Traveler 3 or 4 years earlier, and to see her thinking line up with the wise counsel offered was interesting. {ok, I know it had nothing to do with the wise counsel offered by her dad (hubby) and her mom – I know it is the late 20-ish heartthrob having the great influence and provides the true agenda for jaunt to the Netherlands.}

So Traveler spent January until August in the Netherlands trying out some criminal justice classes and learning Dutch. She has since decided not to be a lawyer but maybe pursue some kind of international public relations something. But that was a few weeks ago, might be back to the lawyer degree.

Anyway, I digress . . .

Traveler returned to the States in August to finish her current degree. Dutchy had been invited for Thanksgiving and the plans were on for him to join us. About three or four weeks ago Dutchy informs Traveler that he needs “space.”
hmmmm . . . space you say?? You are in the Netherlands??
Well, there are only about 4,398 miles and ocean and at least a 9 hour air flight. (But that is a nice let her down easy approach, we will see how many circles this approach will take)

But Traveler said it was not a break up even though she was quite devastated.

That put the visit on hold.

Two Fridays ago Traveler called and said Dutchy is in fact joining us. He has purchased his flight and is coming to America.

And . . .

Bringing three friends with him!

Now, we are not sure if this will be the 4 Flying Dutchman joining us: Dutchy, Hans, Dirk and Christian. (made up names)

Or if these 3 are crony’s of his are from the Atlanta area: Jim, Tom, John and Frank. (made up names)

But it is cracking me up thinking about these fellas coming to the woods in South Georgia, especially if ALL are from the Netherlands.

Why? Well, It has been interesting hearing about his and his families’ views.
  • We had a video visit with Traveler at their home, they were BIG into American Politics – and very, very liberal.
  • Before Dutchy returned from his intern, he came to meet us and visit. Traveler warned him that we would have a separate room for him. He asked why and she explained the “we are not married and at Dad’s house we will not sleep together.” He said in the Netherlands, parents start expecting overnight visits from girlfriends/boyfriends around the age 16. hmph!
  • Every picture we have seen from her visit, the table does not just have beer or wine glasses, the center is covered with the hard stuff! And I don’t mean one or two bottles –rather quite an assortment. They are also very use to their after dinner coffee laced with their favorite “flavor.” (My Brother-In-Law is a tea totaler, so it is an alcohol free spot, unless you head over to his son’s house)

So I am cracking up thinking about the what if they are all Dutch? The differences and the "spice" to be added to Thanksgiving when the poor live as you like, drink as you want, shack with whom you will, anti gun liberals coming to the tea-totaling, gun totin, Bible thumping, no shacking republican minded South.

I hope they leave, though, having had a great time and having experienced true Southern hospitality and will want to come back!


JANE said...

OK this is really cracking me up since I know South Ga so well!! My mom and her family are from the Waycross area. I can't wait to hear how this one turns out!! Ya'll be sure and show those boys proper southern hospitality and Ya'll have ohhhh so much fun doing it!!!!!!!!!

lmerie said...

oooh Jane. Now I believe Waycross might be a smidgen more southern than we are, well if not on the map, just in tradition! hehe

Ballerina Girl said...

this is too funny...love the 4 flying dutchmen! hahaha, LOL!
Can't wait to hear how it all went! Do I hear sneaking moonshine into the woods outside the cabins? hahaha
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jan said...

This is so funny. I can only imagine the conversations. Do tell us how it all goes. This should be fun :)

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Be interesting to see how they turn out. The Dutch (maybe not from Amsterdam) are actually quite conservative deep down. It's a long story but my husband knows Holland very well. He reckons that their conservatism allows them to be "tolerant". I just have to take his word for it.

Will be an interesting Thanksgiving though! Let us know how it turns out? :)

Ann said...

Oh goody...more good stories to come. I'm sure it will all go fine but I still can not wait to hear about it. :D

Enjoy your company!

Sandy Toes said...

You are so funny..hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
-sandy toes

RBK's Realm said...

I hope that you are going to write a post-Thanksgiving Part II to this story as I am quite intrigued!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Gayle said...

That is so funny! I can't wait to hear how it all turns out! How does your husband feel about the boyfriend?

lmerie said...
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Maggie May said...

This is funny.
Though we don't celebrate it here, I wish you a really good Thanksgiving.
You are in for a fun time, I can see that.

Jules~ said...

Well that sounds like a fun experience in the brewing for sure. Whenever our kids bring home signifigant others we do the same with the "other" sleeping on our couch. They have always been understanding of our viewpoints. But we have never tread in international water either. I am so curious to see how your weekend fares. I would hope with the drinking and such that they would have the foresight to be respectful of their host home.

Whatever happens, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Make your memories and enjoy your time. Each season and time of sharing is a blessing all in it's own.

cat said...

A lot of South Africans have Dutch blood flowing relatively strongly. My great grandfather came to SA in 1850 from The Netherlands. But wow, have we grown very far from where they are now. They are truly one of the most liberal nations in the world.