Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oral Fixations, Part II

Way back in the day, in the early days of this blog, way back in, well August, one of my early post was Oral Fixations. It was birthed by my frustrations with The Man and his chewing!

Yesterday, while the windows were open and the birds were chirping and I was refusing to go any shorter than capri work out pants (no shorts! It is still January!!), I was cleaning. Yes, spring cleaning, cuz I am going to be sitting on my rump while the rest of you are doing it in April! Just kidding, I'll have to do it again. Anyway, I digress, I did a little in The Man's room and thought I would update the unread post from back in the day.

See this assortment?

He had actually cleaned his room some over the weekend, so it is just a small one. See the empty box? 50 mechanical pencils were given at the beginning of school. How long should 50 mechanical pencils last? I mistakenly believed all year. I was wrong. I think the box was empty by Thanksgiving. He kept the box. Where are the pencils?
Well, see the small item to the right of the box?

That is part of one. He either plays mechanic with the mechanical pencils and takes them apart, or he chews on them!
Still contemplating the tongue stud!


Gayle said...


I still have to pack up my Christmas decorations!

Friar Tuck said...

Its amazing what we chew on when we dont think about it. My problem is using every object about that size to clean my ears!

lmerie said...

Friar Tuck - ooooooh - LOL
But maybe he should try that, his ears are pretty gross!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Gosh and I worry about our little man and his thumb sucking! Which is worse!!!??? :)