Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oral Fixations - Of The Innocent Kind

Oral Fixations

Conjures up so many different ideas. I have a 12 year old that is constantly talking or chewing on something (talking when nothing is otherwise occupying his mouth). Mechanical pencils are suppose to last, right? Not if they are used as a teething ring. I looked up oral fixations online today. Okay, so according to Freud I did something wrong feeding him as a child – back to it is always the mothers fault – either I did not feed him enough and neglected him or I fed him too much and overindulged him. Hmmmm . . . I remember those feedings every hour and half. As he latched on my toes would curl and sweat would break out – painful. So then I guess I overindulged the crumb snatcher and now he is still latching on to whatever he can find.


Mechanical pencils


Strange pieces of plastic

Shirt Collars

BUT – what to do? My search was to find how to help him before he takes up smoking or over imbibing (not to find out I AM the source of his fixation)

Ok, so I googled curing oral fixations . . . some interesting solutions hmmm. . . . not appropriate though . . . but what’s this . . . oral fixation can lead to sexual addiction. Got a get this boy on the right path before I end up a grandma too soon!

More searching . . ..

I found the answer – according to a 22 year old ex smoker ex finger nail biter – a tongue stud will fix it. Instead of chewing on something or smoking or drinking or over eating or over talking – he plays with the tongue ring!!

Ahh, the worlds problems solved by something as simple as body piercing.

Now I can enjoy my cup of coffee - and schedule him an appointment to get his tongue pierced. He will be the most hip 7th grader at his school!

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