Friday, August 22, 2008

Learner's Permit - Yippee !!

My oldest turned 15 last week. He has been counting down the days, eager to get his learner's permit. I checked him out of school early on Friday and off we headed to the DMV to take the test and leave with the much anticipated license.

Evidently I was a little more nervous about this milestone than I realized - first I left his birth certificate in the car. Then when we reached the counter to get the number, I realized I had left his attendance record at home! Such a dingbat! So, while he took his test, I rushed home to get the certificate and be back in time for his picture being taken. About the time I reached the house I recieve a text message: "I'm finished, I passed." Yeah- but boy was that fast - he must know his stuff! I rush back to the DMV with attendance certificate in hand. Picture is taken. Then I get to take one:

We leave, with him driving. We drive all around for the next hour. He takes me to run a few of the errands that need to be done. He is so proud how well he parked.

He did great!

I thought, "wow, this is going to be a breeze!"

Fast forward 72 hours . . . .


My two favorite phrases: "I didn't see the stop sign" and "How was I suppose to know that the light went straight from yellow to red?" ummmmm, DUH??? Obviously that was not on the test!!

This morning we took his middle school brother to school and Newbie drove. We get in the turning lane to turn left, there is a car in front of us, they ease out enough across the line to go if the light turns yellow - thus we are safe and snug behind the line - a good bit. The light turns yellow, the car in front waits for the last car to make the intersection and goes. I am expecting to sit there - what's this, we are moving? STOP that is a red light!!! "why can't I go, I thought you can turn left on some red lights and right on some, why are you yelling!"

. . . oh what was I thinking (and what is in the book these days anyway!!)

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Tiffanie said...

Too funny! Glad I have a few years till my boys can drive!

My married name is Lloyd, but that's interesting that we had the same name. And that she spelled Tiffanie with an "ie" too. Most other's spell it with a "y".

Sorry I wasn't her, but glad that God would use even just my name to bring her to the thoughts and prayers of someone else.