Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Gathering

"The Gathering" was for my step-daughter's 21st Birthday.

One thing to note about blended families, by the time all sides and Grandparents have all taken their turn, Birthdays and Christmas celbrations could have gone on for a week or two, which, especially for birthdays, is great! Why should it be limited to one day?!? Life should be celebrated!

But I have to say I was ready to get this gathering over . . . it was the last after a busy summer of "gatherings"

. . . two weeks ago for my now 15 year old.

. . . three weeks before that for my now 12 year old

. . . one week before that - at the beach with a smaller crowd for dear hubbies b-day

. . . four weeks before that for my 18 year old step son (it was smaller and at a restaurant but
still planning)

. . . three weeks before that it was stepson's graduation - Our side and all his mom's side came to
our haciendi for lunch afterwards

. . . three weeks before that my MIL
. . . three weeks before that my Mom

With the close of Saturday evening's celebration, we have a break until Christmas and then it picks up again next April.

A friend at church makes these wonderful 7 or 13 or 15 - whichever you request - layer cakes. My MIL had a coupon for one so that was the birthday cake- it was great!

and from the other side . . .

This was actually preceded by real food - Pastor Ryan's (Pioneer Woman) Roasted Roma Tomatoes, Watermelon Fruit Bowl, Mashed Potatoes, Addictive Cream of Broccoli Soup { these are listed first since they are meatless and my stepdaughter is a vegetarian} and then Fried Chicken and a Rotisserie Chicken

She enjoyed seeing everyone again in one spot. She has been in Amsterdam for the last 8 month - studying abroad and visiting her boyfriend who lives there. She left yesterday for her last year of her undergraduate degree - Theatre. As here license plate says - she is a drama queen, not a shy bone in her body (somehow I was left with the shy bone - well, maybe not shy but easily embarrassed - that bone was not removed)

She took over singing Happy Birthday to herslelf in Dutch - here it is:

Now it is time for a new week. Everyone will now be back into their regular routines and schedules . . . and we begin to countdown to College Graduation . . . . 8 months 2 weeks . . .

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Friar Tuck said...

All the stress. All the love. All the activity. All at once. Here to some rest in the near future for you!