Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ramlbings and Tumblings and Pleasantries

So many thoughts and choosing what to put down is like nailing jello to the wall, so what to write? I will just ramble . . . .

First - A Favorite . . .

I don’t know if this flavor is distributed nationwide – but it is the “bombdiggety” (ok, old school). I have watched for it all summer, and now I know, it does not come out until August, and I am not sure how long they keep it on the shelves, but I do know from past years, NOT LONG! It has little round pie crust wafers in it and real chunks of peaches.

It is really good – try some!

Now tumbling . . . Dead limbs falling . . .as in trees . . . .

Fay left us with 8 inches of rain in our yard, other areas 10"-24" inches of rain.

And all the moisture left us with:

Pretty neat how they pop up in all different shapes and sizes.

So now the yard needs a haircut, otherwise known as mowing :) . Of course limbs and pinecones and tree trash have to be picked up first, we do not own one of those awesome yard vacuum things I hear my kids talking about. We did the first round of picking up Monday evening, but we were chased inside by more rain and tornado warnings (luckily no tornadoes). Tuesday the day broke bright and sunny. No new tree trash down. Then yesterday - Wednesday, We get home and what do we have, more limbs down.

Why do dead limbs stay up during storms and always fall on the sunny pleasant days?

Now Pleasant . . .

Running this small business limits time with friends. My closest friend also changed jobs and had the nerve to change to a job in another town . . .45 minutes away and maybe a little closer to her home, I mean! Her new job keeps her very busy and tied down - so lunches are not just limited - they are non-existent. She called today to have lunch, but I couldn't since I am the only one at the shop today. But it was great to talk to her. Her driving from one town to the other gave her time to chat that we would not ordinarily have (yes, we are aware about cell phones and driving - oops) . It was a nice time catching up - not completely, but closer.

It is a good day!

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