Friday, January 2, 2009



That wonderful tool (I assume) that supposedly prevents us from getting spammed in our comment section.

When I first came across the true title for the verification code, I was impressed. It has it's own name.

Some of them I find annoying. They have weird lines through them that make it hard to sometimes to figure out what that letter or number is. Then some have spaces which they do not want you to include in the code. And are they case sensitive?

I enjoy some of the funny "words" that appear at times. Or the ones that are a true word and fits so appropriately with the content of the post.

But, those are characters of CAPTCHA that intrigue me. It is the little handicap icon to the right.
Have you ever clicked on it to see what it is about? I have, and it sounds awful, like something from a 1980's B rated horror flick, or playing someone’s record backwards. {side note - I guess CD's messed that up, no more hidden messages to be played backwards}.

Back on topic. So what intrigued me more is, who uses it? What handicap would this icon and audio verification aid? Dyslexia, maybe? Can't be blindness can it? If you can't see, you can't read. If you can't see, how would you know there was the icon to click to begin with?

Well, I have been home for a couple wonderful days. I use The Man's laptop to surf through bloggyland, just when he is not on it. So when he is online, and I wish to check out the world, I come this computer.

This computer that is about 7 years old now.

This computer that does not like to download all images.

This computer that is not friends with CAPTCHA.

Thus I need the handicap icon.

I can't see the icon, but I know it is there, and when I run my mouse over where it should be, it turns to the clicky hand and I click and I get the creepy voice with voices in his head that all can hear.

And I get to leave you a comment after all!
Have you clicked the icon to hear your CAPTCHA code?


Finding Pam said...

That is just too funny! I never tried the handicapped icon, but maybe I will. Glad you have a few days off the recouperate.

Gayle said...

I never clicked on it and thanks to your description of how it sounds...I don't think I will!

Maggie May said...

No, I have never clicked the handicapped one.
I just got a real word *kings* that has never happened before. I do find that word verification turn out some really strange words these days and yes, it is annoying when they are written in funny letters that merge into one another & you can't really see what they are meant to be.
Today I have to type in sheptor!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You make a good point about a blind person not being able to read the sign. Is this so obvious we're missing it? I sure don't get it.

JANE said...

OK You got me! I never really "saw" the sign until today when you pointed it out! See that's how I go about my life, clueless!! I've got "stive"!

JANE said...

OK me again, I just did it and it's war of the worlds kind of creepy!!

Friar Tuck said...

Sound like time to update your other computer!

Kathy said...

I too never really noticed the handicap icon until you pointed it out. I thought that symbol was for parking or easy access.

I got my new computer after we received our stimlus check.

Robin Lambright said...

Well that was weird!!!! Listening to it reminded me of some strange thing you would hear on a LOST episode or something.

I am not sure if this is a character flaw or not but I had to do a bit of research to find out exactly what this was. I do not know if this is an answer, and it is still a bit unclear to me but here is what I found on the Blogger help section.

Getting Help with Word Verification
As part of Blogger's ongoing efforts to combat spam blogs, we require users to complete a word verification (or CAPTCHA) at certain points, such as during the blog creation process. This makes it more difficult for spammers to abuse our system through automated means. Unfortunately, it also causes difficulties for some legitimate users. Making our services more accessible to a greater number of users is a high priority for Blogger and Google. We are actively working on creating an audio version of our CAPTCHAs for users who cannot complete the current visual version. In the meantime, here is what to do if you are having trouble with this feature.

Here is the link:


Lalapoo said...

Hi, Visiting from SITS, Happy new year... and oh I will not try the handicapped icon (too scared.. I think)

Mikki Black said...

...I didn't hear anything. I am so worried now! I am selectively deaf! AAAAAAAAAA!

Happy New Year, SITSta!

(Oh, wait. My headphones are plugged in.)


HOLY SHNIKIES! That's the creepiest thing I've ever heard!