Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Phun Phriday - The Cat's Meow

My Mother In Law has had copies made of many of the old family photos. There are several of my husband's father, but this one, with that big smile is especially sweet.

Like anyone's life, there are many stories and facts that are told and some retold. Stories like the time he decided to add jalepeno peppers to the spaghetti for a pre-Christmas dinner. No one could eat it! But the laughs remain. I don't know if he was an animal person - as in liked dogs. But they do say he could not stand the old feline. Cats were not on his animal list to like.
There is no particular story associated with the above picture. That is until I noticed there were a couple other pictures taken at this same time in the same playpen, but with an addition.

A Cat!
Out of respect for the cat lover's, I will not post the third picture (this smiling one year old is holding the cat up by his head, it was not really cruel looking, the cats feet were on the ground)
This little one pulling the tail of a cat, a creature that as an adult, he could not tolerate. I wonder, was this a playful scene, a time fun? Or was it the first signs of disinclination to the feline world?
"As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time
well knows cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human kind". -
Cleveland Amory
Come on and party with Carrie and Friday Foto Finish . . . it's a lot of fun!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Absolutely loved this. But I'm dying to see the cat lifting pic, too. This post made me smile and feel sweet, although I'm kind of mean. thanks.

Susie said...

Those are wonderful memories:-)

JANE said...

Oh girl those are priceless!!

Teri said...

That is so cute! Don't we all have those pix of us "holding" pets in special ways when were young. It's a wonder we all ended up with both eyes left. Pets can be so understanding. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love these pics - and the olde car in the background. Poor kitty - it's ears are back - who knows if the baby is saying - STAY HERE! And it's determined. Cats are really resilient though. :)

Gayle said...

What cute photos! I wonder if he got some scratches from that cat!

Angie said...

What a great picture! I have seen pictures of my grandparents as playpen crib in their pictures! And, I love that fabulous old car in the background! Sometimes I wish they still made them like that...they are just so classy!

Candid Carrie said...

Oh I love that picture! The car in the background, the old wooden lead-coated playpen where a child could stick their head between the bars and get trapped!

yes, post the other picture! You must.

lmerie said...

LOL - Ok, since the host of Photo Phun Phriday is asking too - I will post it - in the morning :)

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

I love old photos, old books, old things period. I do like cats but those old pics with babies "holding" cats are just so precious! He was looking at that tail wondering, "What is this odd creature?" lol

MuseSwings said...

Cat's often have amazing patience with small children and allow them to do things like pick them up by their heads or grab their tails without retaliating - while an adult, attempting the same would be shredded! Wonderful pictures!

Rhonda said...

LOVE the pictures. That poor cat.

Hey, Jan is back. YAY

Karen said...

Great photos and some wonderful memories.

It's wonderful to go back and look at the past like that.

I had one of those old wooden playpens, when my kids were young. It was great when I was sewing. I and the machine would sit in the playpen and the kids would crawl around outside it :-)

Sandi McBride said...

What great pictures of another time and another place...I still say, poor Cat!