Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday Without Wrenches??

Whew, I made it through yesterday!

I think today will begin the settling of life for this week. I need it!

Wrenchs of the Week:

Wrench #1:

My minivan began making a whirrrrrr noise. So on Monday I had to take it to the repair shop. Which threw off my day some since I did not have a car for half the day.

Wrench #2

My van was not repaired. The air conditioning compressor died! And they did not have one in stock. So I did get my van back, but it has to go back to the shop on Wednesday (today). Until then, no air conditioning! But on a good/bad note, the compressor was replaced last December, so it is under warranty - Yippee, no fee!

Wrench #3

Still Monday, 20 minutes before the Boy Scout meeting, Bino tells me he has a Social Studies project due Wednesday. A rather hefty project at that. So add trip to store for tri-board and supplies! We work for an hour after the Scout meeting, but did not make much headway.

Wrench #4

It was hot in South Georgia on Tuesday. I should know, no cool air in the van. Humidity and wind are not great for hair!! But I finished shopping for the shop and all that I needed to do so the van can be worked on. But then we come to:

Wrench #5

My food order from the distributed never showed!!! I called and somehow the order did not transmit on Monday. I guess it is lost in cyber space or maybe the atom smasher thingy in Switzerland got it. Anyway, that led to more running because I could not finish two of my orders without that order. So I had to go find it locally!

Wrench #6

Band Practice was canceled for Demolition D, so school pickup arrangements were trashed and we had to regroup . . . again

Which brings us to today -

Van is in the shop getting its cool on ~ kids are safely deposited at school (project included - we gottr done...) ~ I have been delivered to the shop ~ and now I will watch for the delivery of my order and enjoy a peaceful day

Wonderful Wednesday without Wrenches . . . oh I hope!

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