Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dudant, Dudant, Dudant

I had a good friend call today to chat before she heads to the sunshine state for the next two weeks - TWO WEEKS - wow. Fancy named cocktails, boats, sunshine, tatoo parlors - just kidding! ;)

Ok back to the point, I shared with her that I had finally taken her advise of writing all the hurdles and opportunities that parenting and life has presented to my husband and me. I have recently started a blog!

I did not tell her that I was thinking how life has eased up and is a little more boring, so this blog may not be that interesting.

And then life gave me a funny . . . .

When I came into the shop today I noticed a dark line across the floor. As I came closer to inspect, I realized what I was seeing was moving - a line of hundreds, and thousands of marching fire ants. I really dislike fire ants. Especially when they decide they want to come inside.

I found some ant killer and started spraying both sides of the marching line of ants (felt like I needed them trapped and dying between the lines, as opposed to scattering). Time to clean them up. I started wiping up the floor with a rag and then decided to to sweep up the remaining carcasses into a pile. Before I had a chance to get the dustpan, the 19 year old that helps me came in to work.

I noticed that she looked at the pile as she walked by. This where the day took a comic turn.

After seeing her look at the pile:

I said "we were invaded by ants"

She said "oh {pause} what is that then?" (pointing to the pile)

(sorry about the flash)

I said "Dead Ants" (get the title, dudant, dudant ok, anyway)

She looked puzzled and then

She said "how did you get them to pile up like that?"

I, of course, pause and think through what she has just asked, making sure I just heard the question correctly.

I said "I'm an ant trainer"

She said "oh" and walked back to the kitchen to started working - really believing me!

Not as good as CDW's apple question, but defintely a "what are they thinking" moment.


Tiffanie said...

Dead ants can certainly be interesting... or something. Life as a wife and mom is always interesting though!

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently.

I am Boymom said...

Hysterical! I have an ant problem at my house, in the backyard. Can you get mine to pile up and die like that too?

lmerie said...

Even better - I have now trained them to jump through a hula hoop into the trashcan :) Life is grand!! :)