Thursday, September 11, 2008

And We Remember

For the past several years, to commemorate 9/11, flags have been placed in a green space next to our mall.

I have driven past them every day this week and admired the flags flowing in the breeze.

And each time I feel my eyes water a bit and I feel that choked up feeling of patriotism as well as sympathy for all the losses that day brought.

Demolition D watched the TV version of Flight 93 several weeks ago and asked why I would not sit down and watch it. I told him I just could not.

I tried to explain to him that even though many were not physically there, even though there were many that did not lose anyone that they knew, it was still such a shock and such a loss to so many in our nation. It affected everyone – many more than others, but all to some degree.

As I have watched those flags wave, I have, as so many Americans probably have, remembered that morning. I still remember watching it on TV as it happened and thinking “The buildings are falling and people are in there, and we are watching this horrible thing actually as it is happening!” We comforted and prayed for a co-worker and her family as she waited to hear if her husband, who was at the pentagon, was ok and her step-daughter in Manhattan was unharmed. They were fine.

So many lives lost at once and also lost a certain amount of innocence.

We are blessed that we live in a country that does not deal with regular attacks of this nature. We do not have to have gas masks in our homes for each family member. We do not wake nor go to sleep with the sounds of explosions. And maybe as we remember today what happened 7 years ago, we can remember to love our neighbor a little more and to be more forgiving of our differences.

I am thankful and proud to be an American!


Queen of Chaos said...

You couldn't have said it any better. Thanks for your thoughts. :)

So, hi! I saw you left me a comment...I love new blogger freinds! How'd ya find me?

I'm excited to read more here. I have 5 children- my oldest is in the pre-teen stage. I like to read the advice from moms who have or had teens. I'm NOT looking forward to the years ahead!


lmerie said...

Hello, thanks for commenting!

I honestly do not remember. I love surfing through all the links of pages I end up on and just can't remember. :)

But I enjoyed your blog and your energy and loved the idea of your Sunday Brunch Blog, so I marked you a spot to continue to visit!

Teenagers - hehe, what can I say. It really is not that differenet from any other stage, you still are not ready for it no matter what! And what you think you learned with the first one will not work with the second one and what you learned with the first two, when applied to the third, again no go! But there is alot of fun too.

Have a great day!