Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Atom Smasher?!?

Sorry guys - I am stuck on Andy Griffith lately.
As I watch the Today Show about the "Big Bang" episode scheduled for tomorrow I can't help but post this clip I came across last week.

Granted, more people are taking this a heap lot more serious (very poor grammar) than Andy did . . .I guess we will see tomorrow. Did the guy say in that interview that after the "Big Bang" tomorrow the Earth will only survive 50 months?? hmmmm

Ok, I am now going to stay away from You Tube for awhile . . . Time to put meals together

Oh, and Friar Tuck, I do plan on answering the last post - I have to get my thoughts in order . . . and finish up all the obligations waiting for me today.
Gonna be a busy one!
See you guys soon!

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