Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things that make you . . . SMILE

Today has already been a day offering so many blogging thoughts, but there is no way to put them all down on paper, well, actually on screen!

In just the first couple hours of today life has given many smiles - just simple things, really.

I could not help but get tickled at the Norwegian Base Jumper on the Today Show that was not familiar with what adjectives you can or cannot use on live TV. So when asked his reaction to flying into the rock wall, his response was something to the effect about realizing he was going to hit the wall and thinking “Holy s*&t” (those not in the Eastern Time Zone will get the edited version). The reactions from the behind the scenes folk and Matt Laurer were a hoot!
I wonder if the fellow realizes what he did?

Have you ever seen a South Georgia Sheep Dog? There are not many – their coats are too thick and the temps too hot. Not to mention flea control in that much hair. But I saw a lady walking one this morning, and I had to chuckle. His body was shaved and his head was not. Bless his heart (yes, as I said I am in the South – bless (fill in the blank) heart is as much a part of lives as grits and sweet tea) he was absolutely comical. I actually had my camera with me, but I don’t believe his owner would have appreciated my wishing to take a picture.

But the best chuckle I had this morning also tickled my heart.

Demolition Derby D actually dressed for Tacky Day at school!

When he was baby he was happy and all smiles – even though very independent, not what you would call a cuddly baby. But happy!


You have to know this: he inherited, from me, this bone that makes you extremely embarrassed in some situations, mainly ones that would draw attention (no, there really is not a bone). As he became older, this surfaced more. He takes it several steps further than me though. He has it so bad he is actually uptight and bordering boring at times! In Middle School he would not participate in any of the activities like this. But not today . . .Today he came downstairs to head to school for Tacky Day:

Ok, so the picture being taken did not make him happy. Oops!

DH and I have noticed him coming out of his shell over the last 6 months or so and is seeming to enjoy life more and smiling and now venturing further out. It is something to watch someone start to figure out who they might be and to push themselves in ways they may not have before.

It really does the heart good!

It is beautiful in its loftiness, the joy of the whole earth. Psalms 48:2


Friar Tuck said...

Bless his heart....i recently heard a sermon where the preacher said you can say the most mean spirited thing in the world and not feel like you are being mean if you say "bless his heart" after it.

Then he introduced his wife about five minutes which our sound man said...bless her heart immediately after he introduced her.

I suppose you would have had to been there.

lmerie said...

LOL - actually no, that is pretty funny and I can imagine the timing was great!

I sometimes think I must be pretty mean - there are days when I realize I have said that more than I probably should.