Thursday, September 4, 2008

Demolition Derby D

My adventures with Demolition Derby D continue. It amazes me how many details with driving that we, adults, handle out of reflex or habit. As DDD continues to learn to drive, I see all the BIG/little details that we were taught, not even realizing all the details we have learned. Now I am having to pick apart driving to be sure he knows and understands what to do and why.

I also see why there are so many advocates pushing to change the driving age to 17 or 18. Don’t get me wrong- Pleeeease don’t change it too soon!?!

This process reminds me so much of the toddler stages (except he argues and fights more now). For example, the struggle and desire to walk but the lack of coordination that has to be built. Or the big, chunky, colorful blocks we try to get them to fit in the puzzle slot. Yup, that is a 15 year old learning to drive. Uncoordinated, and not everything seeming to connect quite yet.

Changing lanes fits this category. He looks in the mirror, check; over his shoulder, check; ahead, too long, ummm . . .ok over his shoulder again, check; then he, somewhat with a jerk, changes lanes. Ahhh and I grin . . . as the gentleman my child pulled in front of us passes on the right and gives a very ugly stare down. Note to self: make sure he remembers being told not to pull in front of another car no matter how many times you look over should.

Diagonal parking spaces are a breeze, naturally and he feels quite accomplished when he gets to park in one of these spots. Bring on the pull in parking spots and that is a different bird. Judging distances and figuring out how to line up the vehicle between the lines is much more of a challenge.

This child of mine that just knew he was an experienced driver before ever getting behind the wheel, “how hard can it be mom, driving is simple!” Now, “can I go, can I go now” and “driving after dark really is different – can we go another way, this way makes me nervous.” I am glad he had sense enough to say he was uncomfortable. And we still have red light issues ~ he actually tried to make a left hand turn at the same red light as before. Ok, this time when I yelled at him to stop, was less fear and more aggrivation.

Is that another gray hair?!? Hmmmm maybe that is another area to add to my list of what I need to learn - whisper stop and smile as I say it . . . yeah, I can do that!

I wonder what other adventures my children will take me on that will show me how much I HAVE learned? I wonder if some of the areas in life that I struggle with now, will one day be handled smoothly without flaw and out of reflex or without thought because the right way has become so much a part of me and who I am?

So what adventures have your kids taken you on that have shown you how you have moved through life and learned, or, like me, not (yep bad drivers still challenge the gracefulness I desire to exhibit)?

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Friar Tuck said...

Is neat to hear your perspective.