Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tag, I am It!

It is a first!

I have been tagged!

Smile, It's Becky tagged me for:

So, here goes:

  1. I do not eat bananas after the first brown spot. They make my ears and throat itch.
  2. My picture was in a Denver Newspaper when I was about two – I was in my wading pool, under an umbrella with my dog – during a heat wave Denver was having)
  3. We moved back to Georgia when I was ten – My parents had moved to Denver when I was 6 months old – I traveled in a blanket laden orange crate.
  4. I have never had a broken bone.
  5. I can’t stand to tear apart a cotton ball – it has the same effect as fingernails on a chalk board (why would I tear one apart?? ( I have had a to for my childs ear when he had swimmers ear and needed to keep the medicine in his ear)
  6. I have never watched a James Bond movie to the end. Only snippets – never the whole movie.
  7. The first time I attempted to cook fried chicken, the chicken started oozing blood, so I took it out of the fryer and tried dabbing it off with a paper towel. So sad!

I tag:

Queen Of Chaos







Have a great day!


Jan said...

That is the funniest thing about the cottonball. I think I totally understand that now that you pointed it out. I feel the same way about it. Weird. Your 15 minutes of fame came early in your life. 2 is young. Fun tag. I love your tag picture too. I can borrow that right?

lmerie said...

Ooh, I thought the tag came with the tag game and got is from Becky's site, I guess I better trace it back and see if it was ok for me to use to :)

Jan said...

That's funny. I think it is okay to use it. Thanks for the tagging.
It's a fun one. 7 weird things will be so easy for me.

Weeksie50 said...

I didn't ask permission to use the tag either.. I just sent it on its way.. Who knows where it orginated..

I am eating a brown spotty bananna as I am typing this.. and this morning.. I had my kids tear cotton balls apart to glue on their baa baa black I am thinking today, I would be on your nerves.. : )

lmerie said...

ROFL - baaaa baaaa baaaaad of you! my skin is crawling! Not on my nerves though - that was good! Enjoy the banana and may your ears not itch!

Annikke said...

I don't like to tear cottonballs either...I get the same feeling you do! I won't eat a banana unless it is just ripe, I can not stand how it smells if it starts to get too ripe!

Gayle said...

That was fun! Love your seven things! I never thought about that with the cotton ball, but now that you mention it, it is kind of the same as nails on a chalk board!

Rhonda said...

YIKES... although, 7 odd things about me will be easy. Sad, huh?!Now, all I have to remember to do is the actual post.

I feel so special.

Ciao Bella.

Candid Carrie said...

I just hope I can stop at seven things!

** I eat M&Ms in groups of five. I try to have them all the the same color, too.

** I think of my vehicle as a giant purse that should be able to hold everything that my actual purse cannot hold.

** The worst noise in the history of the universe is the sound of metal scraping on metal and it usually occurs in the kitchen. Metal beaters in a metal bowl, metal spoon stirring in a metal kettle.

** I always think somebody else is going to answer the phone when it rings. Even when I am home alone I still think somebody else is going to answer it and after all these years, I am the only one that will answer it. I am sure one of these days it will be different.

** I thought Jurassic Park could really happen and it was a political statement to try and prevent it from actually happening.

** The most important feature on my cellphone is the option to make the numbers large enough for me to be able to see them.

** I saddle shoes would make a come back.

Thanks for helping me reveal even more freaky stuff about myself!

Queen of Chaos said...

Ha! This is so fun! And it was great to read what quirks you have. It just goes to show that everybody is unique. :)

I'll play along- but I have to think of them first. I can't post it until next week... check back later!