Monday, September 15, 2008

Political Junkies Junkie

I admit it, I am a junkie. I can’t say I am a political junkie because there is so MUCH I don’t know and just can’t seem to retain. I have not dug through the internet to find out all the “planks” in each political corners platform. I cannot remember what speeches Bush or Kerry gave 4 years ago. Maybe the highlights of what they themselves supposedly stood for I can somewhat remember.

I guess I consider the politics to be like marital problems – there are three sides – what each is saying and what will actually materialize.

Thus bringing me to the junkie part – I am a Political Junkies junkie. I have so enjoyed reading different blogs on the issue. From those that staunchly stand in their political parties corner – whether it be Republican or Democrat, to those that are still weighing everything out and trying decide how to decide, to those that are seriously considering not to even vote.

There is a lot of information out there - there is a lot of slamming too. What is up with these commercials? Can't these guys rise above the mud slinging and just give us their stance and how they plan to achieve it? I guess that is what the debates are for, but then let's just skip the commercials.

Here is a post I came across the other day at Tudor's Desk about the parties. On Friar Tucks site I came across Sick Horizon's site with his Quick Hit 10 list. It has some great points too. Jesus Creed had this post with a wide range of responses to voting for president, with many perspectives of how people pick their pick!

Now, with 50 days left, yes, I probably have decided, but I still feel torn. The pro's and con's are just not distinct enough for me. They both have some views that make it difficult to say - "yes! he is the man!" I am having trouble with which pro out weighs the other's pro and which con will ultimately tip the scales. It is bad to say

Can we have a do over??


Weeksie50 said...

I love love love politics.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Rhonda said...

..and I just heard "48 days until the election" and wanted to cry. I am so with you on this whole mud slinging going on.

The bumper stickers are even more entertaining, well atleast in CT they are!