Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Knight Saved Me, While Laughing At Me

Watching the coverage of Hurricane Ike brought out this tendency I have when natural disasters hit, I go into survival mode and take inventory of what canned food we have, battery, flashlights, candles, matches, etc. I may not do all this physically, but I mentally go through the list.

So while I was out running errands yesterday I ended up in Tuesday Morning. The last time I went there after a storm hit the coast, I believe the fall after Katrina, I brought home a wonderful fan – it has an AC Adapter AND a spot for four D size batteries. It is great – no power, then the batteries run the fan! (Yes, we do live around 150 miles inland from the beach, I know, I know) We have used it once!

Now, I do not actually go looking for wonderful emergency gadgets, but I again happened upon one. One of those hand-cranked radio, siren, flashlights. BUT this one also had adaptors for cell phones! Pretty handy if the power is out and you just HAVE to make a phone call and your battery is dead(provided there is still service).

Of course I had to get it . . . and did.

I am at home checking out the new gizmo when I decide to see how bright the flashlight really is.

On impulse I go into the pantry – it is a small walk in area in the kitchen that is under the stairs – good and dark with the door closed. I close the door and yep, the flashlight is bright.

I turn to open the door and go about my list of to do’s.


The door won’t open!

I forgot, the knob is messed up on the inside. I remember this, NOW, from rescuing Stitch when his older brother shut him in there!

Next Problem.

I am home alone! Kids are at school and DH is at work, bringing home the bacon, and I am locked in a very small space!

So, after wiggling the handle and bumping the door, I take a seat and decide to turn on the radio, maybe they will tell the time so I know how long until lunch (hubby comes home for lunch). I find a station and of all things it is Billy Carrington singing “Must Be Doing Something Right.” Egads! The irony!

So I wait. I now know that cranking the gizmo for 30 seconds gives you two songs and 4 commercials of run time. I also know that solitary confinement would drive me insane!!

Twenty some minutes later I hear my Knight in Shining Armor come in the house. I give him a hello from behind the door and ask that he release me from my box. Laughing, he opened the door and freed his damsel in distress.

Pretty good timing for a saving too, 7 years ago, to the day, we had had our first date! He had saved me from the dating world and later became my wonderful husband!

It was a good day!


linda said...

Just stopping by to say thank you for visiting my place today and especially for leaving a comment...comments are always welcomed!

Did you get out your cloche and start fall decorating today? You'll have to show us a picture when your finished.

I loved the pantry story. Very funny. It sure sounded like something that would happen to me...luckily it hasn't because my knight in shining armour worked out of town! I'd still be sitting in there!

Take care, have a great week, and stop back by anytime!

Weeksie50 said...

Wow, that could have been super scary. I am glad your husband came home!

Gayle said...

This is a great story. Thank goodness for your knight giving it a happy ending! I would have been in there until my high schooler got home, unless of course it was a day that he decided to stay and talk with his buddies after school. Then he would have been calling to ask me to pick him up and wondering why I didn't answer the phone!

lmerie said...

I am proud to say my Knight repaired the knob last night!
Good news would be, I would not have gone hungry, thirsty, but not hungry - hehe

Jan said...

I love a knight in shiny armor. Was he wearing armor? Lol..

Thanks for your great family story. Loved it. You did have a great family tale.

The Girls' Mom said...

hooray for Knights in shining Armor!

Rhonda said...

Yikes. Glad it was inside. In the warmer days. That must have been something for him to walk in and hear your voice and then have to follow....

My hubby would do the same thing. Thank goodness for Knights in Shining Armor.