Thursday, March 19, 2009

Target Pretzels

Thank you for all who went over to Rhonda's and voted for my vacation! I am miserably behind in votes, so if you have not, please, please, please, help a girl out?! please?? Got friends and family? Send them over too.

See there is this wonderful thing supposedly happening - called bailouts. Well I am not included in those. But there is that wonderful trip to win to meet a super duper fun person - that being Rhonda. And since my business operates on the theory, if there is not enough business, I don't get bonuses (or pay), this contest offers me a chance to do something really fun AND take a trip.

Sappy enough yet? hmmmmm

So, if you need to read before you vote (definitely educate yourself) you can read it here . . . .
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So, yesterday as I watched the numbers sore for the other contenders, I felt humbled and blue, how do I deal with that?
Well, I went to target! I needed some paper towels and tums, boring, BUT they sell pretzels. Salted pretzels. And dipped in cheese? Well that is comfort food for me.
Off I journeyed to brighten my day. I grabbed and paid for the couple items we needed and headed to the deli to get my treat!
Now, sometimes I forget where I live. I forgot yesterday. Yes, we have a Target. But it is here. Our town is notorious for bad customer service. Those offering it are few and far between. The deli at Target does not employee the few and far between. So I mosey on over an happily approach the counter. The lady, in her 60's, looks up, and not exactly glad to have me standing there, asks if she can help me. I answer and ask for a pretzel.
Target: salt or cinnamon?
Me: salted, please. And do you have the cheese?
Target: No, I just threw it all away, we close at 8:00, I have to start cleaning up, so it is in the trash. Your lucky you get a pretzel I was about to throw them away too.
Me: {{find cell phone to see what time it is - 6:50p.m. over an hour to go??}} Oh!
So lucky me gets a pretzel, heated to the point I could not hold it in its wrapper, dripping in butter? Maybe butter, it tasted funky!
So I paid the $2.14 trying to get my little bit of comfort, realizing it just is not going to work without the cheese. So as I turn to leave to head to the grocery store for Easy Cheese,
Me: Thank You
Me: Have a good evening!
Not a word!
As I am eating my overly processed, not good for you comfort food, I realize, that Target deli just stinks!
I paid $2.14 for an almost stale pretzel that was seconds earlier doomed for the dumpster. I could have dumpster dived for it, but I have an aversion to dumpster juice (that is all the spillage that accumulates in dumpsters). And I know somewhat about dumpster juice - that will be for another story about a dumpster diving boss. But as I felt grumpy towards Ms. Cheerful, I had a thought, how would I act and treat people if I, in my 60's, found myself in the spot that I had to work the deli at Target? I hope that no matter where I find myself, I am kind to people, that God's Joy shines through me. And with that thought, I hope Ms. Cheerful is much more cheerful today and her day IS blessed.


Anonymous said...

aww Imerie, that really stinks that you couldn't even wallow with your fave junk food. one thing to not enjoy the food.. but insult to injury to have such a sour puss to deal with. here's to a much yummier snack next time! oh, and if you haven't tried the oatmeal & cranberry cookies from there.. OMG they're soooooo yummalicious!!

good luck on the contest!


Skoots1moM said...

so glad you didn't go for the dumpster juice!
your target employee sounds like some we run into at our wallyworld...

note to self: don't go to target anywhere close to closing time.
My favorite thing from the deli is their blue raspberry icee...
they make me smile

larkswing said...

Note to self: Next trip to Target -blue raspberry icee and oatmeal cranberry cookies.

Now, that is keeping it closer to the fruit family, so it would have to be better for me!!

Thanks for the suggestions - I WILL venture out!

Anonymous said...

lmerie, I voted a couple of days ago and in a post I wrote today I included a link to vote for you! I hope it's not too late.

I often wonder about people like the lady you dealt with at Target. They must live an unhappy life.

mce said...

just read your story and went and voted. getting a door back on the track in the rain with the children. you deserve the win

mce said...
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