Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...and then my heart broke

For the past week I have focused even more on God and doing my work and as little as possible on circumstances. I have turned from as much negative and as much news as possible. I even debated about posting this post, so as not to add to the glum. But I will, because I think it is important.

I noticed on Monday the headline regarding Warren Buffet’s interview. The interview where he said “we’ve fallen off a cliff.” I did not stop there though, I decided to read it. I am glad I did. There was more to the interview than just that.

The article I read also said (and I am summarizing)

  • It will take a while, but we will come back

  • President needed to act like a war time President

  • Congress needed to act like a war time Congress

  • Stop the partisan bickering

  • There needed to be clear message from the government to lessen the fear
    Everything will be all right

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not put my faith in Buffet. But it was nice to hear someone who has taken a bigger slam than me still speak about the fall, laced with

Hope ~ Resilience ~ Perseverance ~ Direction

I found it interesting though, the local station only commented on the “fallen off a cliff.”

The Today Show only reported about the cliff.

The Nightly News (NBC)? The same.

No mention of the words of everything being all right. No mention of the call that our Commander In Chief be the kind of Commander In Chief of a war. None of the optimism I thought I heard laced in the article.

Maybe the media needs to send a clearer message of hope and resilience.

As I was thinking this, the next story came on.

Here I had been reveling, all day, in memories of camping. Feeling the fever as the wonderful weather set in. I had been hoping for a camping trip soon – if not even just across town to the campground.

And then the image on the TV . . . made me tear up.

A modern day tent city.

Outside of Sacramento.

Growing at a rate of 50 a day.

Middle Class citizens whose jobs had dissipated from beneath them.

California. Washington. Nevada. Georgia. Points in between.

Not my photo; AP press photo

My heart aches for their:

Loss ~ Despair ~ Worry

I am not sure as to what I a can do for those in these cities that are not nearby, but I did find this list here.

And maybe just helping bring more attention to a growing desperate problem with be a little help in and of itself.

"He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor." 1 Samuel 2:8


Gayle said...

It is a scary time. I was talking to a lady that volunteers at a nearby food pantry and she said that there are more people that come each week. Thankfully we live in an extremely generous community and there is always plenty to give to the people in need. At least for now there is.

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

This broke my heart too. I am so saddened by all of this commotion going on around and then it so affects people's lives. The tent city puts it all in perspective. And not a good one at that.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I think that all of the hype and the 24 hour "doomsday" media coverage is making people MORE depressed and is feeding the frenzy. Why is it that the media gets so excited over telling the BAD news and not at all enthusiastic about telling the great things that are going on? I saw a feature on the tent cities is heartbreaking.

Then I see that Bernie Madoff guy walking up and down the fancy streets he lives on and it makes me SO mad. One of the couples I saw featured are former customers of his who are now stuck somewhere in the southwest in their motor home...all of their retirement savings is gone...courtesy of Mr. Madoff. Yes, they should have been smarter because things that seem too good to be true often ARE but still...the man is a thief and they are victims. Sorry for going on so...I'm wound up this morning.

Finding Pam said...

There are enlisted men in the service that are on food stamps because they are not paid enough.
This really huts to hear because these dedicated soldiers protect our freedom and rights and they have to live on food stamps?

While their plight is not as severe as the vetrans, I still believe we should hold them in
high regard for theie service to our country.

The news media are such scoundrels and are a bunch of self absorbed nimwits. I with you on positive news, truthful news, accurate news.

Imerie, thank you for this post. Your heart is big and your desire to help is strong. Like I always say, "When we place others needs abouve our own, then we will truely make a difference."

Unfortunately, not too many people are willing to make this sacrifice. The road to love is self less. I just wish that the fat cats in Congress had to live like the homeless do. They show much love for one another with such grace and determination to survive.

Be an advocate for those in need.
Thanks for this reminder of the homeless plight.

Tara said...

I so feel the same way... We just have to put our trust in God. He knows the plan and we have to take care of our husbands and children and all will be well.

Ballerina Girl said...

thanks for posting this and for the encouragement of hope

cat said...

This really makes your heart break. All I can say is we need to pray, pray, pray.