Sunday, March 22, 2009

Memory Monday

I don't need these anymore, it is now too warm for them. They will be packed up for next winter. But they stirred a memory, and that is what Gayle is asking for!

When I worked for Behavioral Health at the hospital, we had a department "retreat" for the therapist and managers. While I was not one of the above, and was a worker for this event, scheduling the facility, ordering and picking up lunch, and so on, they did so nicely give me these big fuzzy fiesty pair of slippers. All received them, the setting was to be relaxed for the day.

Well, hubby has given a chuckle whenever I break these out. Granted it means that my tootsies are cold and I am trying to stay warm more than trying to make a fashion statement. Which is a good thing, the fuzzy wild animal print on these, I have noticed, does nothing for him! But I recognize the chuckle and lack of adoration towards my choice in what to wear.

I recognize it because of this memory:

This is 1981, Christmas in a house being ridded of some internal walls and soon that hideous carpet and paneling. My mom is on the right. See that turquoise gowny thing she is wearing? She always wore it around the house. Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter - it was the main item she lounged in. My dad would, playfully, pick on her about it. Not that it mattered and I find it amazing that he noticed! He would make a joke, or grab at it - it was elastic around the neckline/shoulders - so it would stretch out and pop back in place when he released it. She would laugh and continue being comfortable.

One spring, after years of wearing this, my mom once again "got comfortable." In that turqoise gown. Once again my dad teased. Once again he gave it tug. But not again. Finally the elastic had had enough, it stretched and did not return to its origin. Thus ended the time of the turqoise gown! I wonder what harm might come to my fuzzy warm slipper?


Jan said...

I think she looks adorable in it. I can see that your husband probably thought the same thing. She is so pretty.

Love the pic and the memory. Funny how it finally just gave out. Oh bummer.

Finding Pam said...

Some things just are comfy and we love them no matter how old they become. I wonder what your Mother wore the next year? LOL

Cute family picture.

Anonymous said...

I love comfy clothing, especially slippers.
My mom had a dress just like that but it was a dark blue. What a fun memory!

Linda said...

Cute slippers and such a cute memory and picture of your mom.

Believe me, I'm sure I own quite a few things that my husband is not crazy about...he's just too nice to say anything bad about them.

Anonymous said...

Love those warm fuzzy slippers! And I thought I was the only one with a piece of clothing worn for years!

ELK said...

great memory and the old photo with the green gown.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Very, very funny story...I chuckled all the way through it...I'm a comfort kind of gal myself!!!! Love your's beautiful! And I am thrilled to meet you! God has blessed me through you today!!!! Thank you for visiting me! I am so very glad you did as now I have found you! Cheers!

Merrie said...

I can so relate! My mama had a "house dress" as she called it. Daddy was not "especially fond" of it. One day when his mother was visiting and mama had it on, daddy just reached over and pulled it - ripping it and exposing ... well, needless to say - it was not a comfortable visit after that.
Mama did go out and buy some other "house dresses" to wear, but made sure she didn't wear them around "company"...

Anonymous said...

lol.. very cute! i love that your parents had such a playful nature all revolved around the gown. :)

ps.. i have the same slippers!


Cheffie-Mom said...

What a special memory. This is a wonderful post and I love the picture!

amariaf2000 said...

Cute story! Thanks for sharing with us!
~angela @ peonypatch

Sandi McBride said...

Aha! And I'm sure the hubster is at this moment planning there demise! Hide them safely!!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I like your slippers and your mom's dress-everyone needs a something "comfy" to wear!
Mine is a threadbear college teeshirt...I love it-but no one else seems to feel the same way...hmmm.

Anonymous said...

That is such a great memory! I think it is sweet that your dad was playful with your mom like that!

I like your slippers! Hope they don't give out like the elastic on your mom's gown!

That reminds me of a pair of shoes I had when I first knew my husband. Once we got to know each other well enough, he threw them away. He couldn't stand them!

Thank you for joining in and sharing your memories today!

Anonymous said...

That's a great memory. I remember my mom wearing some terry cloth stretchy thing all the time. My dad used to pick on her.


Michaelle said...

Around the house, I tend to wear the same things over and over because they are comfy!

Hubby doesn't tease me though. He knows better!

Great Monday Memory!

Shalet said...

Nothing lasts forever ... enjoy it while you can!