Sunday, March 29, 2009

Memory Lane - Buy One Get Two Free

Memories are great! With the over hearing that prom season is fast approaching and the continued sorting of pictures, I just had to share this!

I think this might be one of those opportunities in my life that makes me bewildered at today's youth. I don't know if the country was in a recession in '86 and '87, but I do know my home was in one. I was a recipient of a scholarship to a small Christian school (graduating class -14), that I attended 9-12th grade. Every year at prom time, we had an approved by the church variation of prom. The Juniors planned it for the Seniors. We wore prom dresses and tuxes. The guys provided crosages. Let's see . . . all the same EXCEPT, no dancing and no band. So I guess it was more like a banquet.

Junior year and it is prom time.

The fellow I was sorta dating, nothing serious, could not take me to my "prom" - he was grounded. So I found another date.

Brian G took me. But not exactly. He was a year younger and neither of us drove, so we double dated with our friends, Alan and Melissa. Alan had access to the family station wagon so he took us. The four of us headed to "prom" in a local restaurants banquet room. I don't remember much besides my excitement over my dress - I thought it was the neatest dress. Different from the rest, shorter on side, not big and billowy. The guys were gentlemen. And that is it. Glad I have the picture.

A few weeks later, I was picked up for the public high school prom.

Brian S. was the name of this date. We were better friends than Brian G. See this Brian and I actually did go out on dates - nothing serious (can't be serious when he kisses you goodnight and you have to hide the laughter). But he was a fun friend. And he had a car and could drive. And he taught me to drive. Saved my dad and me from my dad's short fuse. That high schools prom was at the civic center with a much LARGER group.

So my Junior year ended with two "proms."

My senior year rolled around. Prom season came around too. I was dating someone and lo and behold if he did not break up with me TWO WEEKS before prom/banquet. But not all was lost. A somewhat older fellow (early 20's) from church agreed to be my escort to prom. I would not say "date" even though I would have loved that to have been the case. He was a hotty! And he was smart! But I was young and all was well.

So David picked me up for my prom. He drove a station wagon too! He was far too mature for the majority of the crowd at school. I do remember going to TCBY afterwards than bowling. It was a great time!

But the Brian, Brian and David is not really the part of this memory that I am sharing. Even the fact that I was driven to two proms in station wagons is not the point.

Did you notice?? Of course you did!

The same dress all three times!!

I was not told no to a new dress. I did not even ask. The first two were so close together and at two different schools I did not think it was necessary to spend money on another dress. The third time, well, with being a senior and some of the expenses associated with that and having read just enough between the lines, I knew money was a little tight, I opted to wear the pink dress again. Whether I talked myself into thinking this or really thought this, I don't remember - but I figured no one would remember from the year before anyway. I don't know if anyone did. And if they did they did not say anything in earshot of it. I realize I was probably unfair comparing the youth of today with this memory. There are many today that cannot afford even one dress. And I am sure there were those of yesterday that would not have been caught dead wearing a prom dress more than once. But that pink dress worn three times, the two brians and the two station wagons made for one good memory!

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skoots1mom said...

i like to look at prom pictures...and wedding pictures...i love pictures!

Merrie said...

Great memories! I love your dress! I deserved to be worn 3 times. Wish I had pictures of my proms... I wore my dress several times as well.. and I had friends at other schools and we would swap dresses. My son worked so hard to earn the money for his tux that he got up the next morning and wore it to church! That caused a stir from people thinking he had been out all night! He had actually come home early since his date got sick an he had to take her home about 10... not much fun!

Gayle said...

Great prom memories! I never went to a prom, but if I did, and I went to more than one, I'm sure I would also have worn the same dress to all of them. You look so cute and the dress is pretty! Why not?

Thank you for joining this week's Monday Memories!

Finding Pam said...

Imerie, you look so sweet in your pink prom dress. Some girls are so picky now. I saw a lot of indulgence in dresses during prom season as a florist.

Have a wonderful week. Pam

Weeksie50 said...

Aw, what sweet prom memories.
I loved going to the prom.
Such fun times..

laura-dolcepics said...

Same dress? Why not? You looked lovely in it! Sweet memories. :)

Anonymous said...

The dress is beautiful, I'm not surprised you wore it again and again.

CJ xx

spread your wings said...

what great prom memories. You look so pretty and you had some handsome dates. These are great photos. My daughter went to 3 different proms but of course she couldn't wear the SAME dress. : )
I posted a prom memory on my blog today too. (link through Planet M

JANE said...

Great post! And love the dress!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Pretty in pink! Wonderful memories!

W. Latane Barton said...

That dress is so pretty and so were you in it. I never went to a prom so I have no prom memories but that's okay. I enjoyed yours.

amariaf2000 said...

That is an AWESOME memory, and it makes me want to go find my "banquet" pictures! I went to a small Christian school as well, so NO dancing! LOL Those were the days. I always heard from girls who went to real proms that ours were nicer anyway since we sat down to a nice meal and all, but I wouldn't know! Thanks so much for sharing!!
~angela @ peonypatch

MuseSwings said...

I love the dress! You look so cute! Glad you got to wear it several times - even though a new dress for every dance was the expectation! I wore the same dress for my first to Proms - I was the only Sophomore in my school to be invited to a prom - I wore the same dress the following year for Prom when I was a Junior. Same reasons - two different schools and $$.

ELK said...

i enjoyed re living prom thru your memories...

cat said...

Oh you really looked pretty - my equivelent of senior prom was in 86 and I also wore pink - I think I have to blog about that.