Tuesday, March 24, 2009

...And the rest of my world

.... I am glad I had the other two post ready and scheduled for posting! Our weekend was somewhat of an adventure.

I actually had Sara (my part time help) cover Saturday at the shop by herself. So I had the day off. But it did not overly feel like a day off - not a lot of rest. Will, The Man, my M.I.L. headed North to Brenau University for Traveler's Senior Thesis. We felt like ducks on the wall to a certain degree. We were not sure what we would do attending a Senior Thesis. Well, in a Musical Theatre degree it means a little bit of reporting, a little bit of acting, and maybe a little bit of singing. There were two thesis being presented, Traveler's, which was on the musical "Parade" and the other graduate did hers on Wasserman. We had to sit through the other first and were warned there would be some profanity and some touchy issues. Well, the presentation started. She said she was going to use a word that would make many uncomfortable. She was going to drop the "F" bomb. She was going to use the word feminism.

Whew, maybe we were ok with the man. But not for long, the acting scene that then began had a militant angry lesbian that the DID drop the "F" bomb, quite a lot. More than some. Luckily The Man knows that the word is wrong and unacceptable. I think the other themes went right over his head - thank goodness. There were good themes to what she presented though too, being true to yourself, not trying to have everyone like you, and so on. The Man did notice though, the "significant other" of the graduate afterwards. He did wonder about whether it was a "he" or a "she." We wondered too, until Traveler shared "she" was transitioning to a "he." So much to see on a college campus.

Traveler was next and did an outstanding job. Parade was about a Jewish gentleman lynched in the early 1900's for a murder he did not commit. Her thesis was research of his wife and the story more from the wife's perspective. She sang four songs, and to see how strong her stage voice has become was wonderful. Her senior thesis is behind her and Graduation will be May 8th.

The college students actually all snapped their fingers at each one as they finished. I thought that was something cheesy just in the movies, but they actually did that!

We stayed the night rather than heading right back, and that way we could have lunch with Traveler on Sunday. Our hotel was somewhat interesting. The suite did not have the queen size beds or couch we saw on the website - just double beds and the kitchenette that made it a suite. The Man and I found a pool table - the cue stick had been broken and taped back together with masking tape and the table had wierd warping in it. We never really knew where the ball was going. So we were even more entertained (I stink at pool, add a broken cue stick and a warberly table and, well . . .I think I played better!!) While in the area of the lobby - never once saw a single soul. No one came in. No one was at the desk. No one in sight! Quite eery! We found the exercise room - four pieces of equipment of the three we tried - they were all broken! It was much different from the other places we have stayed. The bathroom was interesting, the tub drained ever so slowly and the commode was not tightly attached to the wall. So it moved. Loudly. I feel the earth, move, under my .....
I do not recommend Quality Inn in Gainesville Georgia.

So Sunday, we met Traveler and her friend for lunch in Atlanta. We love Pappadeaux and that is where we met!! (Great way to tend the wounds of not winning the trip to Connecticut) Traveler had to have a friend bring her so she could get back to the campus. See Traveler locked her keys in her car the beginning of last week. It still has not been unlocked. I admire hubby for being so good at "allowing" her to step up and handle what she needs to handle. I do believe she was hoping someone else would handle it, but we are allowing her to become responsible, as should be for any twenty one year old.

Lunch was full of chatter.

We had been wondering what would come about after graduation as for living arrangements before she leaves for the Netherlands. At lunch it was confirmed: Traveler is moving back in from May to August. Back home. This home. Anyone want to come help me rearrange rooms and get her room ready?? haha

She mentioned "I guess I will need to get a job..." Guess?? Will than says, and do I love the calmness and steadiness, "yes you will, you will have rent to pay...."

Traveler: "rent? are you serious?"

Will: "yes, {{chuckle}} you will pay rent"

Traveler: "is Ocho (her brother) paying rent?"

Will: "yes he is"

Traveler: " how much"

Will tells her

Traveler: "what?"

Me: "do you know how much rent is for a one room apartment? it is more than that AND utilities, internet, groceries ..."

Travler: "man, my friends have talked about their parents doing that and I have always been like "Dude, my parents would never do that""

Traveler: "if I am paying rent does that mean I don't have a curfew?"

Me: "As long as you don't wake me!"

Now, before you get the wrong impression, we make no money off of this. We save the money for them, then when they move out, they will have a nest egg of some amount. BUT, we do think they should be saving money if they are living at home (which they won't do on their own) and they should be learning about what it takes to live on their own. While the rent is small compared to living on their own, it is a bill they are responsible for.

On a funnier note: The Man has decided he wants to live in a tent when he is older. Says it would save electricity. Said "I will still have a job and make money, I just won't have to spend it on electricity."

So, I will start taking those prayers as we move closer to this new living arrangement. I might set up a tent outside myself . . .


Sandi McBride said...

Too funny! I can remember when my older sister Holly thought she was a BeatNik and going to coffee houses and she always laughed about the bad poetry and how they snapped their fingers instead of applauding...probably nothing worth applauding! Sounds as though everything is working out well for you all...I'm so glad!

Anonymous said...

That's funny! Wow, you are going to have a house full! I like the tent idea. Very smart!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Girl I am with ya on the rent!
And do you know how many yrs it's been since I've heard Brenau in Gainesville!! Had a friend form high school go there yrs ago!

Cheffie-Mom said...

The tent idea is a great one! What a super way to save money! (:

Jules~ said...

Wow that was quite a weekend. And that was a Quality Inn?.....who'd of thought.

Sounds like big changes in the making around the corner for this summer. It will be okay. I am taking the liberty of reading between the lines and measuring it with the things you have shared with me....know that you are not alone and if you would like...I am here for you relating and praying and feeling.

The rent thing....I completely agree. We did the same thing with our older boys and we are telling the girls the same thing as well. After graduating high school...as long as you live with us you will pay rent (which is a paltry amount). It is an effort to learn the experience of what it takes to live and have utilities and food and a bit more adult responsibility. We also require an effort towards a 40 hour a week job and at least 1 college class per term. If they aren't sure what they want to pursue, that is okay. Take the general ed classes while figuring. Just don't drop out of school completely. Show an effort towards expanding and furthering horizons.

Blessings to you today.