Monday, October 27, 2008

Signs Of The Times

I am here, in Raleigh, in a quiet hotel room, watching Forest Gump and watching out the window, looking at a wonderfully ripply, cloudy sky. If I could get the pictures off my camera, I would show you – but I can’t. It reminds of the beach, when the tide leaves and the hard sand is full of ripples, that is what the sky looks like now.

I noticed on the way up here all the signs, voting signs, business signs, river signs. Yep, river signs – as we came upon the Lumber River, there was a state sign for it “Lumber River, a natural and scenic river” Made me wonder, aren’t all rivers scenic? And for the most part, aren’t all rivers natural (I know the Ocoee is somehow partially manmade)? Maybe North Carolina has more manmade rivers than other places.

I liked the huge billboard “SHORT MEN CLOTHES HERE . . .exit . . .” Ok I should not laugh, but that was a first. I have seen the tall large men clothing signs, but never one for short men. So does North Carolina have a larger population of short men than other places?

Now voting signs, I have to say they are all about the same, other than the names (well the Bubber Epps was a little more unusual than most). But I started wondering, when did we become so open about who we are voting for? I drove down one road and every house along a stretch had several signs, from local offices to President.

As we indulged in the freebie breakfast yesterday, a very gregarious, now US citizen originally from Switzerland, was speaking to another couple with a European accent. The former Switzerland fella, was pointing out to the visitors that America is not a democracy since there are only two parties. He continued how it needed to change to be more like Switzerland. He continued on about his personal thoughts on McCain and Palin (definitely opposing). I say this to say, it does not bother me, the loudly expressed opinions nor the signs, but I do find it interesting. I grew up being told your pay and your vote is private/personal. This is the first election that I have noticed so much unsolicited opinions on candidates. This is the first election that I have noticed people being downright mean and argumentative and forceful with their political choice. It is an interesting election year. A definite campaign with many firsts . . . and many signs!

I cannot bring myself to put out a sign, it is sorta like hanging out my personals on the clothesline. Of course, maybe some of that is that I don’t have a candidate that impresses me enough to put myself out there to show full support, to decorate my front yard with their names or slogans. Oh, well, maybe the sign makers are at least making a profit.

. . . .and now Forest Gump is now crying at Jennies grave. Outside the window, the sky continues its show, as the ripples change but remain stunning.


Aleta said...

For the longest of times and still in some parts, the "signs of times" were of "we gut homes" or signs of what business were now open. And yes, even so many years after Katrina, we still see those signs, but mostly in the heart of New Orleans or Chalmette.

People stand on the corners of busy streets with signs for their candidates, but not so much on the yards. Though I have seen a few pins on shirts and have heard strangers open up politics like it was a long term friend.

Pay and Politics ~ I agree, the vote is private. The opinions are free though. Lol.

Friar Tuck said...

I have not had a similar experience...but I guess I have always been more of an activist outspoken type.

Southern Mama said...

There are rivers here where I live that are U-G-L-Y!! They are not scenic in any way. They do not even have water except for a few months out of the year. We haven't lived in our lovely desert home for long. Maybe it will grow on us and we'll find those rivers just lovely.


I came via Merriedays. I can tell you that the Los Angeles River is concrete. Because of the occassional times when LA gets tons of rain they did that for flood control. Pretty, it ain't.

lmerie said...

Gotcha - hehe. I would have never dreamed that the concrete thingy in LA would be called a river! hehe. Thanks y'all - have a great day!

cat said...

Such a great post. I just love your writing.

Tami said...

Thank you for visiting me yesterday on my SITS day!

I can't believe someone stole your ferns right out of the pot - people are nuts!!