Saturday, October 11, 2008

October Hauntings and History Repeated

I have been haunted for 5 years. It is not necessarily a "being" that I am haunted by . . . .

The are no orbs.

No spooky sounds.

Just horrid green wallpapered walls from the Archie and Edith Bunker era . . .

We have worked on one room at a time for the last 5 years. We have made some updates and changes . . . .



See the faux brick carpet squares.

Hubby replaced with wonderful tile and refinished cabinets.

I think this was a the wallpaper in the foyer of "How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days" You know when she went to meet his family . . .


. . . and a few other rooms.

Now this horrible room. Why the big deal? Well, see, the contractor who apparently built this house in 1972 was inebriated or new at the house building thing, or just plain old SHODDY worksmaship! I say that because, you see, the first indication? Was all the old plaster towel rod holders plastered in the wall. They all were not straight, nope each one - four of them , dropped 1/4 of an inch from the left holder to the right the holder. Even the toilet tank was off, at an angle.

The second indication was when we first started taking wallpaper down. We discovered something very disturbing.

NO PRIMER ON THE WALLBOARD BEFORE PAPERING! Oh my does this project overwhelm me! Wallboard not primed before being papered means you get torn wallboard when the paper is removed. It was not put up great anyway, so painting over it does not look good either.

But on the other hand, it makes for great wall art. See:

I think it looks like a bird

So now begins the ridding of Archie and Edith Bunker :

. . . first the wallpaper, then updating the paneling, and then new chair railing . . . hope it gets done before Christmas!
And while on the subject of Archie Bunker. You know they say history repeats itself?
Well, I thought I would add some pics of the Bunkers house, but I sorta ended up on you tube . . . and this is where the history comes in (as much as sitcoms can be historical). In light of the gas/oil situation, the election, the ugliness of those who do not like it when people do not agree with them, and the huge economic issue, I offer this as light humor (disclaimer: the following views do not necessarily represent the views of this blogger [me] - it is strictly offered as view back to the 1970's)


Jan said...

It really does look like a bird. You have totally been made over house. It looks awesome. Wallpaper like that is so haunting. Good that you let the goblins down. Rip.

Gayle said...

Love the work you and your hubby have done! The rooms look beautiful. Hmmm, maybe I can get my guy to look at your site for some ideas!

Crazy Sister said...

That looks like a massive job! And you're right, that wallpaper patch does look like a bird.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

We had the same "art" on our drywall, too. So maddening! Why can't people just follow directions? Your redecorating is lovely, though.

Weeksie50 said...

Wow, it does look like a bird..
I love what you have done.. the before and after shots are so fun to look at you guys have really done a great job! I am impressed!

lmerie said...

Thank y'all for the words of encouragement! Now to have a rip roaring fun time - RIGHT! haha

Rhonda said...

I absolutely detest taking down wall paper. You are one ambitious soul. It all looks so incredibly nice.

Good job.

Merrie said...

Love what you've done! It is looking good. We are also in the middle of trying to update our house. It's a huge job!
Are you going to save the bird?

lmerie said...

I am sad to say the bird is there for awhile - it has been there 5 years . . .it is in our master bathroom and I don't want to do anything until we can afford to do it all! Gut it! So the bird is there for a while longer. The good thing about unfinished master bath walls - you can leave love notes to each other, write it right on the wall!