Monday, December 8, 2008

Falalalala . . . . or Bah Humbug

The Christmas Season is a time that excites me!

A time I look forward to from early fall on.

That is, until we enter the season . Then life takes over and seems to make it almost impossible to truly enjoy. Some of the “life” is poor planning on my part. But most of it is just the life.

So that leaves me wavering between Falalalala-lalala and BAH-HUMBUG. For each Bah-humbug, I am looking for the Falalalala-lalala.

My first BAH-HUMBUG?

Remember record players? Remember how if you turned the speed to 78 it sounded like chipmunks on speed? We lost a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I feel like the record player sounds set at 78. So much to do. Gift to be made and purchased and wrapped and tagged. And decorating, on top of all there was already to do!

The Falalalala-lalala?

I have let myself realized that there is just not enough time to dig out every Christmas trinket. We will streamline the decorating, thus, less to put back in the attic in a couple weeks meaning a some down time is on its way!

Remember the haunting of Archie Bunker’s wallpaper?

Well, instead of ripping down wallpaper and simply mending and painting and making pretty, we have had to (or should I say hubby) implement a full blown exorcism of the haunting. Drywall had to be cut out and replaced.

The Falalalala-lalala

We might not be getting a “dusting” of snow, but I do have a white “dusting” of sanded plaster. White drifts on everything in the room. The white stuff without the cold! The drywall is back up and soon it will be sanded and ready to be painted. I will have a new look to the room!

Notice how there are no pictures of the snow drifts or the finished drywall? As I entered the attic the other evening, I noticed a box I had forgotten. A yard sale find. As I delighted in finding my find from earlier this year, I thought of a blog and thought I would add pictures of unpacking my newest Christmas goodie. I snapped this picture of the opening of the box.

Then as I picked up the camera from the counter and turned to snap a second picture, the strap on the camera caught on the drawer pull and yanked the camera from my hands. Before I could catch it, it the floor. The tile floor. The battery cover broke! Duct tape does not hold it close for more than a few seconds. {{{sigh}}} Oh my, this was not on my budget or in my plans or on my wish list!

The Falalalala-lalala

Ebay has cameras! We can replace the one we had/have with an identical one, orrrr, we could upgrade to a 10mp from our 3 mp for not much more. Now to decide . . .

The Senior High Church Choir trip for next summer is to New York City and places in between. Amtrak will be the mode of transportation. Since the initial plans began, the economy has taken a nose dive. The original prices are no longer available. They have been replaced with pricier ones! To help offset the increase, the choir sold Christmas trees. Orders were placed. The trees arrived Saturday. When Will arrived, only one tree was left in the height we ordered. When I returned home from work, he told me he had picked up the tree. I excitedly asked where it was.

Will: “you walked past it coming in” (with a grin on his face)

I headed back out the door for a peak.

No wonder he was grinning.
It is a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!!

By the time we remove the lower limbs so the tree can be placed in a stand, I wonder what will be left?

The Falalalala-lalala

It was a good cause. It won’t hold as many ornaments, thus less to put back up! It will smell good and the removed limbs can be used to decorate in some way. Falalalala-lalala

That was all just the highlights of last week. This week is starting off at a better pace. I finally made some cookies that I had been trying to get to for the last three weeks.

I donned a Santa hat and embraced the fun of the season and plan on being overtaken by the true Joy of the season . . .



Jan said...

What a creative post you did her Imerie. Love it. Fa la la and the Bah's. Drywall to doning Santa hats. You'll remember this year for sure.

Sandy Toes said...

What a fun and creative post!!! It was crazy around my house and my husbands calls to tell me he is off to the gym and sauna....and all I could say was FA La La La in a sarcastic voice..I felt bad after:(!
-sandy toes

Merrie said...

I love the contrasts and the good you are finding. I need to be more adept at changing my humbugs to lalas!
I am having to readjust my decorating to accommodate having 5 grandchildren under 3... and much smaller house to decorate. A huge portion of my decorations never even made it down from the attic! But, like you said, less to pack up!
Merrie Christmas!

Merisi said...

I am so sorry about your camera!
If you liked your old model, I would not spend money on a fancier one, especially no extra money for more mp (more optical zoom may be a good reason to upgrade, but I would not pay for much else). 3 mp do a very good job (the first 2+ I used a 3mp camera, I never missed an extra mo, really).

Had to smile about you comparing the lost week between Thanksgiving and Christmas to setting a record player at 78. You nailed it beautifully! I hate the years when this happens!!!

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Shold you ever plan a visit to Washington DC at Christmas, check out the calendar for Danish, Swedish, German Christmas markets (late November early December), there are a couple of schools which hold some really nice ones (among others, the German School in Potomac, MD, and the Waldorf School in Bethesda, Md - DC suburbs both).

Louise said...

It is ALWAYS good to see the bright side. I like that you've been creative with yours! Nice post!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

SandyCarlson said...

What fun! Christmas is an amazing time of year. There seems to be so much to do, yet there's only one thing to do--enjoy.

Gayle said...

lmerie, this is a perfect post for the season!

JANE said...

Oh yeah, I'm laughing!! I'm downsizign the docorating too, not enough time to get out the 50 million little things that big daddy can't seem to do by himself!! And, maybe one day I'll post pics of the 4 yr long basement renovation!!!
Thanks for stopping by and come join me tomorrow for WW?

Corine said...

Don't let the craziness of the Holiday Season get to you!... Fa-la-la-la-la your way through girl!

Thats what I did today, when I went for pics with my little ones who apparently HATE to share the


FA-la-la-la-la I get to bring in a toys for tots donation and get 2 free 8x10's! (something I didnt know about til I was there!)

Jules said...

Fa la la la la la la la la - gosh I'm all la'ed out - but loved your post.

Jules~ said...

I enjoyed walking along your busy December journey with you. It was a good reminder that my attitude is what I make of it. Everything is a choice. Thank you.

Rhonda said...

Well.. for what it's worth, I live near NYC and think we should try and sneak in a visit with each other.