Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Things We Least Expect

I feel as if I have lost a week this season, but I will catch up.

It is a quiet beginning this week at the shop, but I am full of thanks today. Gifts come unexpected and sometimes in ways we take for granted.

After dropping kids off at school this morning, my phone rang with an unknown cell number. It was my mom (she never uses a cell phone, I did not even know she still had one!). Anyway, she said she was at the hospital with my dad, he was/is ok, but they wanted him to stay in ICU til tomorrow morning.

He had an allergic reaction to Advil (huh????). He woke up with a bad muscle cramp at 4:00, took two regular Advil, but he had taken Advil PM before going to bed. Evidently it was too much of something. His eyes started to feel like sand in them, when he looked in the mirror his face was swelling up. He woke my mom, she said he sounded like Daffy Duck because of the swelling. She got him to the Emergency Room. By the time they made it to the hospital, his throat was closing up and he was having problems breathing.

The nurse told him to have a seat and they would take him back after completing paperwork. He told her, “no, I need to see someone now.” Do you know she told him he still needed to fill out paperwork!?!

Luckily, another nurse walked, saw my dad and his face and that he was need of immediate attention, and he told the first nurse he would take my dad back and to let my mom do the paperwork.

When my mom finished and found where they had taken my dad, they had just finished taking his blood pressure – 79/45. They sent her out of the room because they were about put in a trach. The meds kicked in and thankfully that did not have to happen.

The doctor came and told her things were better, but 10 minutes difference would have been the difference between him being here and not.

Life is so fragile, we never know what is around the corner or how quickly what we know can change.

So as I again give thanks, what wonderful blessings have you had today? Is the sun shining and you can see all God’s wonder? Are you listening to beautiful Christmas music? Are you warm and comfy? Did you find the keys you misplaced? Or did you get to feel the warm hug of a loved one? I hope so and I would love to hear your blessings of the day . . .

Smiles and Blessings . . .


Ballerina Girl said...

I am glad that your Dad is ok and that they got there in time!
Today, I am thankful that my husband is coming home tomorrow, my kids are happy and I had a wonderful Christmas luncheon with our book group at my house today....

JANE said...

Wow I'm so glad your dad is ok!!
It is an absolutely glorious sunny day here in SE Tn. I don't have to cook tonight cause we'll eat at church and we get to go downtown in a few minutes to drop the oldest off for choir rehearsal and we'll get to see the buildings decorated!!!

~*Liz*~ said...

Oh my! I am so glad he is okay. That must have been horrible...and that dang nurse! Grrrrrrr.

On a bright note, you WON the Giveaway for the Grumpy Girl Butter Bars!!!

Shoot me an email with your mailing address and scent of choice!


lmerie said...

I won? YES!! Another thank you -

BG- that is wonderful!! May the homecoming be more than you can imagine!

Jane - turn on the Christmas music and enjoy those lights as Church dinner wears off - yum!


Jan said...

How scary about the Advil. Man.

I am so blessed in my life. And yes, I am twirling to music.

tardevil said...

Hi, just came over to thank you for stopping by my blog. So sorry about what happened to your dad. That's scary, huh? Let's see, I'm blessed today b/c 1st I woke up, blessed that in this economy I can still afford to get my hair highlighted & cut, and found some good clearance items...and of course listened to Christmas music. So, a good day, so far!

Gayle said...

Oh lmerie, how scary. I'm so glad he is okay.

My day's blessing is that my daughter is recovering from pneumonia!