Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Spirit

The afternoon sun is shining in the windows and finally life is slowing down some.
Although I have felt joy and happiness, which I do most anytime of the year, the Christmas Spirit has eluded me this time around. Even with planning and having much of the shopping finished early, it was the most hectic Christmas Season I can remember. Mocha with Linda posted a video of Amy Grant’s “I Need A Silent Night,” and oh how that song touched me and is such a reflection of my life recently.

This morning, as I headed to the shop, to grab a couple items left there, and then back home, I noticed the empty parking lots. I noticed the stillness and the quiet. I noticed the little girl with her new pink and purple coat with the fuzzy edges (had to be new, it was the 70’s, only NEW heavy coats get worn in warm weather) riding her new pink bike. I noticed the happy parents and grandparents watching.

And guess what?

I found the Christmas Spirit! In the peace and silence of morning! I finally felt that missing mushy sentimental sensation.

Now soon, we will be off to yet another get together – to Annies and Pappies “Dark thirty” get together. Every year, there is grilled sausage and tenderloin and tables filled with snacks and dips and spreads and sweets. As the sun sets and the darkness covers the Christmas day, their house fills with the voices of family, friends, and guests of their guest. This year I am looking forward to it even more. Recently, I heard one of the ladies in our Sunday School class tell some other’s about this evening. She is essentially alone on Christmas, but every year she knows there will be the “Dark Thirty” Party. That is her time with others. That is her family for the day. I never thought about how going to someone’s house to walk around, noshing on everything in site, and chatting about with all, was also giving a gift, giving the Christmas Spirit, loving one another as God would have us do.

So even though it wasn’t long before the quiet of the morning was replaced with more Christmas paper ripping and laughter and talking over each other. And even though more busyness is to come, the peace experienced early this morning has sustained me through the day.

Merry Christmas!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Very sweet and heartfelt, dear friend. I have been struggling emotionally through this time, too.

JANE said...

I love this, it is so heart warming! I'm so glad you did get out this morning and found what you were missing! Happy Day!

MuseSwings said...

That Christmas Spirit can be a bit elusive when there is so much to do during the holidays. Glad you found in in the simple enjoyment of a pink bicycle, a song and the peace of a quiet day. Lovely post!

Gayle said...

lmerie, what a beautiful post. I'm so glad you found that Christmas spirit.