Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year: Solemn and then Lighthearted

A new year has dawned.

We are now in 2009! I wonder if it too, will pass as quickly as 2008 did?

I ususally do not make resolutions. Up until a few years ago, it was basically any other day. As I have grown older, or maybe it is as life has challenged me more, thrown down the gauntlet, if you will, I do see the new year as a fresh beginning. As a time of hope.

Resolutions can be trite. Lose weight. Exercise more. Save money. I guess that is why I say I do not make resolutions, but I do, daily. I guess because to me each day is a new start, and goals are made each day to be what God would want me to be. Determination to be the mom or wife or friend or Christian that maybe I felt short of being the day before.

I am watchful as this new year begins. This past year has opened and closed new doors politically and financially. What will these changes bring?

Will we see skepticism replaced with trust? Will we see American ingenuity open doors that were not as obvious the previous year? Now that the Christmas "season" is over, will we step back into our boxes or will we continue to reach out and support those that need it, those all around us?

I truly believe this is a dawning of a new era. I am working hard at replacing worry with excitement for what is new around the corner . . . for what we cannot yet see. I believe it is there. I believe we will come together and build each other up with prayers and support. I believe it will be a good year.


Ok. That is enough seriousness. Now I resolve to be lighthearted. I resolved to make a few resolutions.

1. I resolve to lose my keys no more than 56 times in 2009 as opposed to the 273 times in 2008.

In actuality my husband made this resolution AND remedy for this situation. The last time I was unsure of where my keys were, he located them and then this is how I found them:

wait, where are my keys. . . where did I take that photo . . .

2. I resolve not to start any home rennovation projects after September 1st of the coming year.

I would not want to repeat this years fiasco with the turned over and stacked furniture and torn out walls up to the week before Christmas. Nope. Not going to happen.
Will post some almost finished pics when the human paper weights leave re-enter the portal to the non internet world.

3. I resolve to start homemade Christmas crafts and goodies much sooner.

Homemade Vanilla and Homemade lemon vanilla sugar needs to be started in May. Draft Bloggyland Tour post sooner than the day of. Pizzelles finished in October and frozen. I started these charms for my mom before Thanksgiving, but we did not finish them until the day before Christmas. Nothing like the 11th hour.

Did I show you? Naw, I could not get a real good pic but I do have these:

4. I resolve to ride the wonderful bike my sweet hubby bought me, for Mother's Day.

I will try to get the rides in before June and July this year!

5. I resolve to include my face in the next "I See What You're Saying" !! Tha Linda at 2nd Cup

I did include my feet. That should not be considered cheating, I was there!

6. I resolve to take Chunky Soup to Church on Souper Bowl Sunday.

And not leave them at home like I did last year!

I really think that is all I can come up with!

Happy New Year!!

Oh . . . and I had 30 comments on Monday's Post - A first! Yay!!


Finding Pam said...

That sounds like some great resoultions. Happy New Year!

Gayle said...

Great list! Happy New Year!

Merrie said...

Hahaha... I'm laughing because that could so easily be my post - except for the keys. I keep up with them unless hubby uses them and puts them in HIS spot