Wednesday, April 29, 2009

S Word Continued

Yesterday I said I thought I would stick with the “s” words and that the next one was stereotype. But I actually don’t want to after all. What sparked the thought was a snippet of a conversation between Will and The Man the evening before.

This month on the stores menu is Honey Bourbon Ham Steaks. Well, the recipe has bourbon in it and I have ran out. So I asked Will if he would pick some up for me while he was out and the liquor store is not open in the morning when I go to work.

He stopped by one to make the purchase. The one closest to our house is not an all night store, nor is it a scary place. The owner is regularly in the newspaper making wine suggestions and I suppose you would say it is a classier place than what ones mind usually conjures up at the name “liquor store.” (ooops, stereotype, liquour store = inebriated individuals wandering aimlessly through filthy parking lot - dark, dingy, barred windows etc).

Will, naturally, left The Man in the truck while he made a quick run in. When he came out a minute later The Man was locked tight in the truck and had a concerned, almost fearful look on his face.

Will asked if all was ok and The Man said “An alcoholic walked by”. . . . a pause, “a really bad alcoholic.”

So it is a silly example of stereotypes, but it made me think, where do stereotypes begin? I don’t know if The Man’s education at school and home about drinking has said, between the lines, alcoholics are dangerous and will hurt you- which being drunk most assuredly can be; or with the tragic death of my sister in law, he ties those items together for every intoxicated person. I even wonder about the fact that he looked at someone walking across the parking lot and assumed they were an alcoholic AND dangerous.

How often do we hold ideas that were not decided on the conscience level? I know there are times that I have realized that about myself. Did not know I even held an opinion on something until there was a variable involved different from the belief I unknowingly held – small silly things, but stereotypes still the same.

So that was the next “S” word, and I had more to say, that was until today. Today it just did not have the same importance as it did yesterday.

Today I feel sulky (in keeping with the “s” word). Today I also feel like skipping solemnly in the sand at the sea, skimming sea shells safely above the stingrays. Snuggling into the sofa searching for serenity, and finally: Staring at stars while sipping strawberry smoothies surrendering to the silence.

Life is good!

What’s your letter and what do you wish to do?


Faye said...

Wow!I loves it.You also gave me some things to think about!Hope you are having a great day! Blessings, Faye

Jan the crazy lady said...

That is some really great thoughts. I know that I need to rethink how I look at people and assume them to quickly.

I am an s too. Satisfied. I just had lunch :0

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, So S-ignificant a post! And I love all your alliteration as well!

Anonymous said...

well 'said'.

Sandy Toes said...

I would love to skip some shells in the sea too!
sandy toe

skoots1mom said...

mine's s too
sleep...last night it wasn't happening...hopefully the drowsy fairies will be closing my eyes soon.

Gayle said...

S for me today also! I feel like soaking up sun. I yearn for the warmth. Unfortunately, the sky is not cooperating. It's cloudy and cool here today. Blah.