Monday, April 6, 2009

and when the clouds cleared

what did we do? We made memories

Well, we managed to fit in a quick (overnight) spring break camping trip. It has been a year since Will and I have been able to get one in, and that one was without the boys. So this year Demolition D and The Man were along. The Man camps alot with the Boy Scouts, so there was no concern there - he IS a happy camper. Demolition D, well we were not so sure.

Ahhh how wonderful it is when all is well.

Demolition D was happy from the start -he drove us to the campsite, about 70 miles away (loaded down with canoe and pulling the pop-up)

The smiles he had as he took on this new stage of driving was great. Smiles are always great, but smiles of accomplishment are even better.

So as we entered the land of no video games, no tv, how did the boys fair?

Well, great! All you need is

A stump

An axe

And boys!!!

A neighbor camper in need . . .

A beautiful lake with perfect weather


Ok, not really, we did not see any. Although a neighboring camper said he spotted a lake placid size mother gator on a bank while fishing. Ok not lake placid size, but he said she was bigger than our canoe.

But there was a catch made while out fishing . . .

Yup! A shoe . . . Will did catch one catfish, but I did not have the camera close by.

With all the rain earlier in the week, our spot was perfect - no campers between us and the lake.

The next morning dawned a foggy morning

. . . with some huge mosquitos (that is that spect)

The fog burned off and another gorgeous day was had. But not before breakfast . . .

The town home to the campground was having its yearly pligrimage. Does your town have one? Mine does not, so I was not sure what it was, and I will share. But not until tomorrow.

More pictures to follow . . . tomorrow . . .

Until then know that more memories can be found at Planet M files.


Gayle said...

That sounds like a great camping trip! Your photos are beautiful! Yipes about the alligators! How cool that Demolition D drove! My oldest turned 16 in February and he wants to learn to drive during the summer. It's exciting and scary at the same time.

Thank you for joining Monday Memories!

Merrie said...

What a great time! I love South Georgia in the spring (summer, winter and fall!) Where did you go? I feel like I'm "at home" when I see pictures in your posts...

Jan the crazy lady said...

Love it all Imerie. Those are the best memories ever. I loved the alligator story and then the one shoe. I am hoping that wasn't a sign or something. lol

Glad you had some quality time together. Picture perfect.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Wonderful photos...and terrific memories...and your sense of humor shines...a nice lift on a rainy Monday! Thanks for sharing!

Ballerina Girl said...

Looks like a beautiful weekend! Yea!

Faye said...


JANE said...

WOW!! Great pics! And yes, no tv + no video + camping = BOYS!! That didn't happen to be fried squirrel on that fire did it, LOL!

BTW which lake?

Teri said...

Your campout sounds like it was so much fun. No electronics, just the people you love and some firewood. I am going to suggest this to the family this week. It's a little nippy here all of a sudden, but we really need a quick getaway. LOVE the pix, btw.