Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Memories - Scent of Rain

As a play Monday Memories with Gayle, I don't have any old photos of my memories that these current photos stir up . . .

It has been several years since we have seen standing water in our area, and especially a week after the last falling rain.

But, these picture of water still standing reminds me of being young.

It brings a feeling.

A desire.

To kick off my shoes
Roll up my pant legs
Walk along the edge where the water was always warmer.
Maybe grab a cup and scoop up some tadpoles.
Watch them grow.
Did you know that tadpoles in a washtub do not need to be put in the open sun? Nope they don't need that much sun - it cooks them! Really!! I know - an act of kindness gone wrong.

Do certain days and particular elements of nature take you back in time?
Take you too childhood memories?
I hope so, they feel so good . . .
I loved setting my kids free in puddles after a heavy rain.

I hope they remember the simple fun and pleasures life offers.

I hope the fresh smell of approaching rain fills them with the desire to stop everything and take in those moments of life.

And maybe one day they will again dance in the rain.
Well, the skys are dark and the falling rain has just begun to fall again. The breeze coming in the open windows is delightful . . .
Share a memory today - enjoy it!
Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad;
let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof.
Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein
:then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice—
Psalms 96.11-12


Gayle said...

Oh, lmerie, this is such a wonderful post! It made me feel like I was right there with you scooping tadpoles, smelling the rain! I love the photos of your boys and the hope that you have for them to remember those simple joys. Just beautiful!

Thank you for participating in Monday Memories!

Tracie said...

yes, Imerie.. had the same nostalgic moment this morning, driving home from the clinic. nice, gentle rain.. love this kind of day! reminds me of my years in beautiful England. and to answer your question.. yes, the kids do remember and appreciate those simple moments! my daughter also loves a rainy day... guess she remembers those times as well.

enjoy your memories & thanks for sharing!!


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Great photos, esp. the joy on the face of your boy as he's splashing around!

Puna said...

Lailani sounds like a Hawaiian name! We used to live in Hawaii so I got excited when I clicked on your blog. Of course, Georgia is nice too:)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Wonderful! You carry me back with your exquisite photos, and your poetic words...Love this!

Louise said...

That standing water reminds me of younger days, too. I live in the desert now, so don't see it much. A good flood was always a comfort for the water tables would be higher!

I love the pictures of children playing in the water.

Bonnie said...

Hi, my name is Bonnie. I'm a friend of Debbie's. She is out of town this week visiting a blogging friend. She asked me to keep in touch with her blog friends while she is gone.

I love these photos. I have two boys - 12 and 2 years old. I can see my boys jumping through the puddles with the same big smiles on their faces. Thanks for letting me visit. I enjoyed your post.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

I so remember playing in the rain. Splashing, making mud squish through my toes...ahhh those were the good old days.

Faye said...


FancyHorse said...

Those must be pecan trees in the second picture. We had the same rain - a few hours earlier! I remember playing in the street when it flooded, when I was a kid. Fun days!

word verification game
haywarse: what happens when you sit on a haystack in England

Finding Pam said...

What lovely fun and wonderful memories! It took me back to my childhood. Thanks for sharing the memories.

ELK said...

what fun and movement in the last few shots ~always a special tine

Jan the crazy lady said...

You are using your real name..

I love the feelings that happen that remind us of past childhood. Tadpoles and such. Love that all. Take care and hope all is well there.

Reader Wil said...

Won derful to share those old memories with us! Thank you! My children loved the water on our holidays. They built dams in the brooks or small shallow rivers.

fishing guy said...

Lailani: I'm glad your area got the rain it was needing. May your reservoirs fill to the top.

vchelle said...

ahhh, the simple treasures in this life. Just think, the treasures were put here for us to absorb.. I'm so thankful! Beautiful photos and adorbable boys!

Thanks for stopping by Operation You! Glad to meet you... Peaceful blog..

cat said...

Oh what a lovely post! I used to love splashing in the rain, putting on your rain coat, taking the umbrella, put on boots and splash!