Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Homemade Gifts

As I took this photo before wrapping the gift, from the other room I heard a commercial.

"Homemade gifts stink"

Oh well. Ho Ho Ho!

I spotted a shell shadowbox in a Wisteria catalog. That triggered the thought of all the shells I have from the beach. I have wondered what to do with them and rarely collect any more.

So, for my mother in law, I took the shells from her favorite beach and made a shadow box for her.

A sand dollar broke, so see those itty bitty white spots below the top sand dollar? They are the tiny dove shaped shells inside of each sand dollar. I couldn't believe that they did not break while trying to glue them to the arrangement.
Off to work with the caterer today. Cooking and baking for a Christmas lunch party...


Ballerina Girl said...

I think it's beautiful and I hope she likes it!


Faye said...

This is beautiful!Hope you have a great day! Blessings

Anonymous said...

great job!! very pretty. :)
have a great day cooking/baking!

cont. blessings,

Gayle said...

That is so pretty! Way better than just buying one already made!

Merrie said...

Beautiful! and.... I love homemade gifts! They have so much meaning! My mama has a picture with a sand dollar that is opened and the doves are flying out. It is one of my favorite things!
Love what you did with the shells!

Gayle said...

Hi Lailani, I have an award for you on my site. Stop by when you get a chance to pick it up!

Anonymous said...

That's really stunning, and very clever of you. I've just commented on a beautiful table cloth made by the lovely Jeni and I feel quite useless now as I can't even sew a button on!!

CJ xx

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, it's simply beautiful!!!! What a fabulous idea!! I'm sure she'll love it...I know I would!!!! Homemade gifts are the BEST! Love you, Janine XO

Hilary said...

That's a wonderful home made gift. Meaningful and from the heart. The very best kind.

Thanks for your visit to my blog. :)