Monday, February 2, 2009

Tag Time

I have been tagged! Twice!

Finding Pam tagged me to come clean on my addictions.

So five addictions huh?

1. Blogging. Love the community, love the comments

2. Facebook. Why oh why did I go there! But it has been fun! Like a class reunion without the
face to face or awkwardness!

3. Chocolate. I love dark chocolate! Not because it is the in thing, but I REALLY do like it

4. Recipes. I love food, not just because one cannot live without it! I like trying new dishes all
the time.

5. Ummmmm, air? I guess that is not what you want. Hmmm. I know – BATHS. There is
nothing better than a really hot bath . . . with soft soap . . .and loafa spongy thing.

Ok there are five and now I am suppose to choose five . . .
Let’s see, whose addictions would we like to hear . . .

Rhonda . .. Because I Said So
Linda . . .2 Cups of Coffee
Ballerina Girl…roller coaster
Jan…crazy lady on road 80

And now for Tag Number 2 which is a 6th of the 6th meme . . . This one is from Muse Swings . . .
I was to go to my 6th picture folder and choose the 6th picture in the folder, post it and tell the story of the picture. This kinda scares me . . .what if it is some strange picture that makes no sense at all and has no story. But, what picture doesn’t have some sort of story???
So, the 6th of the 6th is:

The Man’s 11th Birthday

(Demolition D enjoying being responsible for the fire duty, oh I mean candle duty)

Most birthdays are celebrated with just family. We have quite a large group to gather just with that crew. The house is always noisy and crowded and fun.

One of the most exciting gifts of the day? A skate board, and thus was born the pictures for the Airborne Wordless Wednesday picture the other week.
So now I get to name more bloggyworld buddies

Gayle…planet m files

Sandi …holding patterns

Aleta…fleur di lis

Angie…sandals and daisies

Sandy ... shell in your pocket

Belle…life of a southern belle

You are each tagged to

1) go to your photo folders,

2) post the 6th picture in the folder,

3) tell the story about the picture and then

4) tag 6 bloggers to do the same.



Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Thanks...Lara tagged me for this one also...I promise to do it soon.

Anonymous said...

When I saw you tagged me, I thought, "Uh Oh, what's in my sixth folder?" I went and looked and the 6th folder in My Pictures holds tiny video clips from my point and shoot camera from 2003 that my youngest son shot! They are pretty funny! Hope that counts! I'll post soon.

Jan said...

There can not be milk chocolate in the house. It has to be dark. Love that. Luckily, I have found no one in facebook from my past. Well one person, and I didn't know him that well.

Great list.

Teri said...

I have now advanced to extra dark chocolate. Believe it or not, dark chocolate now tastes a little too sweet.

Fun post!

Anonymous said...

Hi lmerie! I posted my 6th in the 6th already! That was fun! Thanks for tagging me!

Jane In The Jungle said...

I love that, "fire duty", LOL!!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Thanks for thinking of me!!!

I love dark chocolate too!
-sandy toe

Rhonda said...

Would it be rude of me to say... Thank you for not putting me on this list? I ALWAYS forget to do the tags. I am like 20 behind.

BTW....little man is quite the handsome boy.

cat said...

Oh dark chocolate... Got some dark chocolate Ferrero Rocher the other day - now that is seriously addictive.

Angie said...

I will cautiously check out what is in my 6th post it soon! One never knows what ye shall find! I am praying for some sunshine soon. I feel dreary with all the overcast cold days here!

Stay warm! ~Angie