Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Open Letters: 1st - Al Gore; 2nd - Bloggyland

Open letter to Al Gore:

Dear Mr. Gore,

I live in Wimpy South Georgia (of the good ol’ USA).

I would like to notify you that your worldwide efforts to promote the use of squiggly bulbs and reusable bags worked!

As of today, at noon – yes 12:00, midday, my little Georgia town had hit 32 degrees! Now that might seem better than those poor folks further North that did not make it to positive numbers today, BUT 32!!! At noon! In South Georgia! Come on…..

Sir, that is not normal, nor is it a sign of global warning.

No my dear fiend friend, that might just be a sign of an impending mini-ice age!!


The Green Grass

Quick, EVERYONE!! Ditch the reusable bags!!! But don’t throw away the squiggly light bulbs, Mercury IS a problem.

(where are my Cuddle Duds!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Bloggyland,

I would like to take this opportunity to formally resign from my efforts to pray for snow, wish for snow, hope for snow. I think Hell may be freezing over, but no snow with it.

I apologize to all my friends in colder regions, who, every single time I hope for, pray for, wish for, snow . . . you get ice instead.

Shivering Sincerely,

The Green Grass


Jan said...

Love the letters. I get it too.

Anonymous said...

Great post! It is currently 16 degrees F here. I have had it with winter! Al Gore, please send me some global warming.

Friar Tuck said...


cat said...

I can relate - we are having some seriously weird weather.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I think I'm going to stop wishing for snow as well...This cold snap is BRUTAL here in Charleston. I don't like it...not at all. I need some humidity...desperately.

Merrie said...

You are so funny! I am sure that the reason for no snow also has something to do with Gore... he has such "power". I think it is just a sin not to get snow with cold weather... at least one good snow anyway! It somehow makes the cold bearable.

Anonymous said...

We're still using the squiggly bulbs. :) I like the because I don't have to replace them as often (actually, come to think of it, I've never replaced one). And I can get them fairly cheap at Sam's.

I'm totally with you on the global warming scam. :) When it SNOWED in NEW ORLEANS this year, I knew it was all a ruse.

The Rustic Victorian said...

I agree,,Al Gore is a goof. Most politicians are full of it. I am from northern Alabama,,we moved here 18mo ago,and I found the last few days too cold. I frankly have no use for "seasons". I like it mild, like Oregon is. I have spent alot of time in Colorado and it is a pretty special place. Nothing like the Rockies. How's business?

Ballerina Girl said...

hahaha, you sound like me! I am in the Northeast every Christmas, HOPING so much for snow...
inevitably, it always comes after I leave!
Happy week!

Sparky said...

That was hilarious! My husband and I were saying the same things to an invisible Algore when the temps dipped so low here, "Shut up already! It's freezing here!" [lol] We're PRAYING for global warming.
Like your blog bunches. Pop on over if you've got time. I'm a SE Georgian with too much time on my hands.
God bless. ♥ ∞