Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hmmm, Blueberry!

To pick up where I left off yesterday,

I married an Engineer.

My husband was quick to tell me early in our dating that he was never romantic enough. He had said that even though he had gone through counseling (to save his marriage which, as you correctly guessed, did not work), he still had not mastered the art of romance.

Five months of dating and Valentine’s Day came around. My expectations were not set too high, but I was curious to see how the day would end. To see what the inevitable card would say. There was anticipation, but it was controlled.

The day dawned and I was busy getting the boys ready for school and myself ready for work. The door bell rang. 6:45 in the morning? Hmmm

I headed to the door and there stood Will, proud as a peacock with a big Valentine’s balloon, card and something in tinfoil. Then the scent hits me. The smell of blueberry muffins. This supposed non-romantic had gotten up early and cooked blueberry muffins for his kids and for us for Valentine’s day. It was great! I still get a big grin thinking of that first Valentine’s day with this wonderful fella.

The following year he again showed up early in the morning with another batch of muffins, different flavor, two roses a card. I enjoyed the way he included the kids and made it a point to have something for his own every year.

As you already know, I did marry Will, and every year there is something thoughtful different that is shared on this very commercial day. It is not really necessary, because he is so good at showing love so often during the year. But in the spirit of the day we choose to have fun with it.

I can honestly say I do not despise Valentine’s Day anymore and guess maybe thorns do not just lead to roses but a blueberry or two too!


Finding Pam said...

That is so romantic!I am glad that you got those muffins and that you love valentine's day now thanks to your sweet husband.

Teri said...

That is the perfect Valentine celebration. Something from the heart. We love Valentine's Day. We had a fun time planning a delicious home-cooked meal that includes the kids.

Merrie said...

awwwww that is SO sweet! You truly are a blessed lady!

Jan said...

The power of the blueberry. I didn't know it held such love :)

That is so sweet Imerie. I love how you shared this story. I will have to go back and read the first part. I am so glad that you got the man that is this wonderful. How neat.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet and very romantic! What a great guy you have!

FancyHorse said...

What a sweet and happy ending to the long and winding road to true love for you! That's just perfect, thank you so much for sharing! I'm so glad you and Will have each other now!

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inest: in the nest, two happy lovebirds and their children!

♥ Braja said...

That is really beautiful :) Nice to meet you ma'am :)

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Sounds pretty romantic to me!