Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am what you would call, "layering challenged"


Layering has taken on a new meaning in the last week. I have absolutely no memory of this many nights of below freezing temps (here in South Georgia that is), let alone this many days that barely get out of the 40’s. A little over a week now, and looks as if it will not let up soon.

I know we are not alone in the frigid air, but if your layering considerations are normally only concerned with, at worst, a 30 degree temperature change, one that begins in the upper 40’s in the morning and ends in the 70’s in the afternoon, these temps can be trying after a couple of days.

The Man called me yesterday as soon as he got in the house. Said he needed a new coat – a new heavy coat.

I asked him why and he just said I will show you when you get home.

Well, when he stretches his arms out or above his head, the sleeves suddenly become 2 inches too short.

Now here is a problem. It is January. It is January and in South Georgia.

Guess what is no longer in the stores? Heavy coats. Not that there were that many in December. I looked. I went to seven stores here only to find a few choices in sizes way too large. I can order one, but he is due a growth spurt and our winters are too tame to really justify a heavy coat. So layering is good.

Now we hear there will be precipitation in the area on Thursday and I say, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Butttt, now they just said we will probably only receive rain – no light and fluffy natural decorations. No tiny flakes to melt on my tongue. No reward for the ingenious layering and arms being squeezed inside tight arms of jackets, sweaters, shirt and long johns.

Oh well, thank goodness I do have SOME cuddle duds. And thank goodness weather people are more wrong than right most of the time . . . bring on some white stuff (fingers crossed)!!!!


Faye said...

I hear ya.I want to see some of it to! I hope we will.Stay warm. Hope you have a great evening! Blessings, Faye

Jeni said...

I guess a few flakes wouldn't hurt but I think this weather really really stinks. I have lived in really cold weather places and LOVE Georgia because it's not well it's not suppose to be like this. We were at 18 degrees this morning when I took my kids to school. Water pipes breaking all over Atlanta. Can you believe the worst is still to come...craziness!

Merry Winter

larkswing said...

Yikes Jeni! I agree, but ;) if it is going to be this cold, just a few flakes, please. lol! But yes, the 18 degree morning and frozen pipes do stink. And this many days straight stinks. Hubby heard that the high in the Bahamas today was only 50! Craziness, yes!

faye said...

I'm a little further south than
you.. but I'm with you... LET IT SNOW...

Ballerina Girl said...

I hope you get snow...we loved ours when we were visiting over Christmas!
I remember the layering problems...just too much stuff packed into those coats!


Susie said...

I hope it warms up soon:-)

Gayle said...

I'm sending snow wishes to you! I know what you mean about not being able to find winter clothes in stores. I live in the Northeast US and today Target was filled with spring stuff!