Friday, January 22, 2010

Dancing Lessons


I feel as if I have been gone a long time... I think I have.

A new book has been started in the Sunday evening study group I attend, "Leaving Church"  by Barbara Brown Taylor. It is her memoir of her faith journey and has been an interesting story so far. I love the images her writing brings to mind, the ties with nature, the similarities from one community to the next and extremes in the middle.

She quoted Kurt Vonnegut in one of the chapters, a quote that struck me instantly:

"Strange travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God"

Now I haven't necessarily had any truly stange travel opportunities, but I have had a few "who would have thunks..." in the last couple months.

So when I am quiet, just know, I am learning a new dance.

And as I get my one, two, three, four, down, I do hope for time to be back in bloggyland: Visiting and Posting!

Light quirks of music, broken and uneven,
Make the soul dance upon a jig to Heav'n.

~Alexander Pope, Moral Essays


The Muse said...

and when you do...oh my, will your dance card be blissfully full...
may heaven continue to bless you!

Randi said...

I love reading about other people's discoveries. That's probably why I love both blogs and biographies.

Star Forbis said...

Thanks for visiting me on my 200th Blog post! And I love this concept of learning a new dance step with God! Very cool.

Operaton You said...

Listen, I understand! You dance my friend. I'm dancing with you! Thinking of you!

Merrie said...

I have missed you! Of course, I haven't exactly been with the blogging either, but I do read ...
Enjoy your dance and hope you share some new steps soon!