Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My World This Tuesday

No pictures today, just thoughts...

I truly believe our area is running amuck!

Everyday another "home invasion" makes the news. One the other day was actually made up by the 12 year old reporting it. He had broken his parents laptop, so devised the story to cover up. He had reported fending off a would be intruder, months ago, with a baseball bat.

That is a kid with a major need of intervention by someone! Whether it is a home life issue or one of a mental issue surfacing - he needs help. It disturbs me that he so boldly moved forward with this story, but another interesting point in this particular story is that the news has repeatedly stated his name on the air. I thought minors were protected? The 15 year old caught shooting pellet guns at people and cars, his name was not released?

Today one happened at 11:30 a.m. and there is a

"A manhunt is underway right now in central Albany for a burglar who broke in on an
elderly woman and assaulted her."

I think following the local news on facebook was a mistake . . .

Next topic, as the swine flu stories are finally easing (on our news at least), it is only to leave room for the next problem: Mosquitoes

A Health Emergency has been declared in 13 more counties because of mosquitoes. Baker, Calhoun, Colquitt, Decatur, Dougherty, Early, Grady, Lee, Miller, Mitchell, Seminole, Thomas and Worth counties will now get additional support fighting mosquitoes.
What exactly does a declaration of a "health emergency" mean? That is all they say! Even on the news, they say some areas have had an 8,000% increase in the mosquito population. But, besides the obvious, what does the declaration DO? My thought is if you can't figure out there is a mosquito problem as soon as you walk out the door, a declaration isn't going to help either. I hope that is just a step they have to take to get the equipment or financial support needed to fend off the blood suckers. I say import as many bats as possible . . . which leads to the next plaque
FROGS . . .
There's a rapidly growing population of frogs in parts of . . .though a lot of those frogs are getting wiped out by drivers.
Monday afternoon we found an army of little hoppers trying to cross busy . . . Road. Some didn't make it.
They're coming from a low-lying pecan orchard still full of water from last month's heavy rain and flooding. It's not the only place where the amphibians seem to be taking over.
Neighbors in . . . called in a pest control agency but the exterminators say the frogs help get rid of pests and shouldn't be wiped out.
Ok, that cracked me up! I really feel Old Testamenty . . . Can the river be changed to wine next?
We might need it in due time...


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Old Testamenty or Apocalypsy... either way, strange doing is afoot... and the internet seems to feed on it...LOL! Have a great Tuesday, in spite of all the pests...Standing with you in these peculiar times :-)~Janine XO

Anonymous said...

frog song cracked me up!!!

Gayle said...

My gosh, so many strange things!

Isn't a healthy frog population supposed to be a sign of a healthy environment?

Ballerina Girl said...

ok, how funny is that frog video?
Sorry about all of the problems your area is facing...
I really like the fact that we do not watch the news here. It helps me to sleep better at night!

ps-I know I am just ignoring the problems out there, but sometimes it is just too much on the news. Do you ever see them reporting something positive? Not often enough!