Friday, August 13, 2010

I am 16 Going on 17 . . .

My oldest is now 17.

I am now a mother of "high schoolers."  The second week of school coming to an end for my freshman and my junior.

I say we all take off our watches, flip the clocks over, maybe ban time - it is going by sooooo fast!


Finding Pam said...

You have described what it feels like to see time go so fast and watch you kids grow up too fast.

You can not stop it believe me I tried, but I encourage you to enjoy every single bit of time with them. You still have their college years to enjoy.

When mine left home, I felt like I was out of a job. Life does renew itself when you become a grandparent. I waited a long time to be a grandparent and I want to enjoy every second of it,too.

lailani said...

Y'all, I noticed something with the bottom picture, if you click on it, it looks like my wall is bubbly - it is not! The camera picked up on the heat off the candles! :)

Ballerina Girl said...

Time passes by in the blink of an eye...I know how you feel!
Kids bring it even more to the spotlight!


Mary said...

yes, it does go by too darn fast!

thanks for stopping by the other day and leaving me your comment about visual journaling. No, you do not have to be an artist to visual journal. I do not draw, if I want to use an image I use a magazine or photo. Painting the page, if you choose is not hard at all, and the process is very soothing and relaxing. My advice to you is to just play with the paints to begin with. There are so many wonderful books on how to begin out there. The Art Journaling magazine you picked up is a good one. And I tell others, it' not so much about making a pretty page as it is getting out what's inside of you.

Happy journaling!!

Happy Birthday to your son!!!

Maggie May said...

Happy Birthday to the 17 yr old.
I won't tell you how old my children are....... makes me feel geriatric!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Gayle said...

Oh, yes, I second that!

The Charm House said...

Congrats on another birthday! LOL I am glad you are interested in this style of art! ATC's are so small, but I find that for some reason I put a lot of emotional energy into them. I have never really enjoyed journaling, I think I am more into small works of art. I see you are from Georgia... Archivers at Mall of Geogia gives lessons on ATC's. And if you live close to me (between Atlanta and Athens) I would love to help you!
Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Jen said...

Hope he had a great birthday! Thanks for the sweet birthday wish yesterday on my blog!! I had a great birthday!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I just had a similar conversation with a friend yesterday. Our girls are just a month apart and just turned 20.