Monday, June 29, 2009

AT&T - No Grey Areas There

Oh the joys of closing a business!

When opening the business three years ago, I agreed to a three contract with AT&T.

The contract was up in April. I did not think of it until the end of the month. I did not receive/or hear anything. I assumed the payments would go on as were, just no contract.

Bad assumption.

I have been trying to reach someone since the 15th of June to drop the unused fax line. I finally reach someone today. Guess what? I am in another three year contract!!!


Because I did not notify them 60 days before the contract expired that I did not wish to continue a contract. Of course, 60 days before that time I did not know I would be closing the business, but I sure wish I had realized that about the contract so I could have reduced it down to only a year!

Now, when the phone is turned off, I am stuck with a penalty fee. $20 a month for the duration of their contract. Yup $660 to AT&T for really nothing. No options to negotiate the contract down to even half the time.

So much for retention of customers, my hesitation to turn off my home landline due to loyalty to that company just disappeared.

If you are anticipating the possibility of the current economy sinking your business, be sure to check all contracts now! Change it! It doesn't matter if you are getting kicked in the behind and sinking, they are happy to push you down faster!


Finding Pam said...

Don't give up that fight just yet. There must be some way to void that contract.

That does not speak well of at&t if this is how you are treated. I would call my local TV station and get them to do a story on it. Or call your local representative to see if they can help.

It's not bad enough that you have dedicated yourself to your business and now one more blow.

I am very sorry to hear of this for you do not deserve this.

Anonymous said...

I totally AGREE... get the MEDIA involved and shine that spotlight of negativity on THEM! i would think they will back down faster than we can type our responses! never can hurt to try!
so sorry that you're having insult to injury..

Cheffie-Mom said...

Oh man! I'm so sorry! I hope some how you get out of the contract with out penalties.

Ballerina Girl said...

Wow, I have them for my cell coverage! Yikes!

I hope that you continue to try to get that price down...if not completely stopped!
Good luck!


Sandi McBride said...

Call the President of the the TV stations...write the Newspapers...this can be fixed!!! Need help? I'm glad to lend a hand!

Gayle said...

That is terrible. I hope the others are right and that you can do something to get out of the contract without paying.

Aleta said...

I'd get a supervisor on the phone. Do you have a friend/family who is an attorney that can write a letter. The person who barks the most, often times gets the result. I agree with Finding Pam, don't give up yet.

foododelmundo said...

Oh that SUCKS! I don't ever remember being in a contract with AT&T I'll have to check it out for sure! Thanks for the heads up. How'd all the rest of the SH*T go?