Saturday, September 1, 2012

TP 210: Parrellelism at the St. Pen

The curves and the arches and the old and the flaking is what I am sure caught my eye in the picture. We were moving my step-daughter to Philly and decided to take a tour of the St. Pentitiary. A very intersting trip.

The arches, while curved, also offer the parrellelism that is the theme this week.  I guess you could say it represented a parrellelism in life too. This site once housed beings in this cramped space. While it was dark and a spot of transgressions, well, look at those arches! Towards the bottom center of the picture, are some sort of cabinets. I am sure in their day they were beautiful. The stone work and architecture has, for the most part, stood the test of time. As have some of the stories and lessons from this structure.

And think, at one time, behind those doors dotting the walkway, lives lived in the confines of this building, stifling and tedious and not always warranted.

Meanwhile, outside the doors, the walkways, the walls, there was a parrellel life being lived. Kids playing, adults working, games being played, laughter and most importantly freedom.

I guess life is always full of parrellels...

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Max Sartin said...

Creepy jailhouse pictures, but great. It's amazing that back then craftsmanship required that even a penitentiary building have some artistic flair to it.

Gilly said...

I love those arches - thought they were in a church at first! And the second photo is very creepy, as Max said.

Good shots for Carmi's challenge!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

lailani, your pics are spooky but good.

Rita said...

My husband spent ten years working in a large county jail in California. His, first was something like this but he was only there a few weeks before they moved to a new facility.

Great addition to the theme, but, I agree the shot is spooky. It also takes me back to that old Alcatraz movie with Kirk Douglas and the birds.

Marie said...

Such an interesting Penitentiary! The arches give it such a wonderful gothic quality...I bet there are some tales to tell!

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