Friday, September 7, 2012

Fences: Upon The Suwanee River

I enjoy going back through my picture files and seeing how the kids have all changed and grown over the years. I am not sure I like that I have grown thicker and older. But, hey, such is life. Glad to be here.

I also realize how many quick trips we do take. This particular one to was to visit family in Florida. As we drove through Suwanee, could not resist the stop. And the oldest was in a silly mood and actually had some fun with picture taking along that green fence. Who knew a few years later that would be watching a reality TV show about loggers on that particular river?

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Rohrerbot said...

It's okay to get thicker and older. There's nothing wrong with that....I've been going through the same things. I could be a parent to high school kids now which scares me to death. When did we get older? But I wouldn't change a thing. Enjoy every moment because it goes so fast.

Jan n Jer said...

Getting thicker n older is all a part of growing old!!! Just got to embrace n enjoy the ride! Welcome to FF. Nice shot of the boys...I am singing that song in my head now!!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Love the green patina on that fence!

Deadly Fence

Magaly Guerrero said...

Perfect summer colors and the symbolism takes grounding to a new level. The grounding of the season--lovely.

And those handsome gents made that fence look magnificent ;-)